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    Radiator fan issues

    You not bridged the connector up to solve that?
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    Opinions on best oil for EP91's

    I've always had Miller's CFS fully synthetic 10w40 on my GT. Must be working fine as the engines done nearly 175k miles now.
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    GT Not Starting

    Thanks guys, I think this might have just been corrosion on the terminals. Gave it a rock anyway, wire brushed the terminals, fires up like a dream Time to get this sleeping beast woke up.
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    GT Not Starting

    Hi guys, Hopefully a few of you old wise heads can share an insight into my slight problem. Getting the GT back up and on the road but for some reason it won't start. Battery charged, connected. Ignition on, everything works as it should. Go to start and it cuts off not even cranking over...
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    For someone with the time all those issues can be put right. If I had the free time I would love to bring it back to rights :)
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    MeisterR would be a good bet for the price. I run them on mine and they are great!
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    What tires i need?

    I run Toyo Proxies TR-1's 195/45/15 on mine and its not to bad the ride comfort. Its sat on its arse though and what might feel stiff for some is just normal for me.
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    Unusual pets

    I have an 11 week old little boy growing up fast so I'm sure at some point I'll need a pet to keep him company :)
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    4efte block and crank

    I have a bare bottom end block and crank which came off a forged build.
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    Welcome back. I remember you from decades ago! I guess we are all old gits now. I still have mine which I got from a forum member all the way back in 2007 :)
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    Just finished watching Afterlife. Never get that much time to watch any TV, I'm still working through all this Covid19 lockdown.
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    Golf drivers

    There does seem a rise in Golfs but around these parts its full of Fiesta ST and Focus ST's that seem to be bloody everywhere.
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    toy tuning liquidation

    I never knew that. That Monkey London guy is Toby Aspinall. Does he still go by his real name Toby then or do people just call him Monkey these days. Watch a few of his videos, I would have never linked him to ToyTuning. I think I got lucky with him, never had a problem with any parts.
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    Not a Newbie but an Oldie that thought this had died!

    Good to see old members still out there with GT's on the road :)
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    Covid 19

    Its the most strange situation we have had in our liefetime. Its strange driving around though as things on the roads seem normal around here. Lockdown if things start to go like Italy are only days away if cases start to sky rocket.