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  • em ported means u go get a steel brush kit for a drill and stones for gringing,take 1-2mm off the entry holes for the manifold,when u take it off ull see the 3rd hole has a big lump which is a bolt cover,grind it away till smooth like the rest.then u use brushes to pollish.when done all round each hole the hole will be 2mm larger all round
    this lets air flow better and more easily.
    i use alot of hks,speed vision,there are alot of traders on here and there best for things
    dont use ebay for things as they are badly made usually
    wel wats d crack. thanks for d tips wer to start. but what do you mean by ported mani. id like 2 do as much as i can by myself as possible. is der ne kind of brand parts i shud get an do u no wer i can get dem 4 gud money
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