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    How install new GPU drivers when no signal to monitor?

    Have you replaced the Cable? Is the PCI-e card you are using Good? Provide more details on the PC?
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    Anyone running the AEM EMS-4 on their 4efte/5efte with the stock ignition?

    Hi all, I forgot to update the thread. I was able to get everything working. In the end I did not use any resistors. I went through the setup of the ECU and synced all the sensors again. Everything was set but the issue persisted. A friend of mine checked it over and stated the car need timing...
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    4efte 20 psi+ of boost. what do i need?

    I had my CT9/ct20 Hybrid at 20 psi, JAM Racing PNP ECU, Magenecor leads, fmic, ported stock manifold (cleared that # runner), 255 walbro pump, Aeromotive FPR set to 45psi ...The ecu trims to achieve 14.7-15 on the wideband, Catch can omitting the PCV valve from the intake. Car used to work...
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    How to get a louder turbo spool and blow off sound

    Looks like a blue external wastegate is on there.
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    Base map for stock 4e?

    Enable the noise filtering under ignition settings. See attached.
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    Fitting 3 Bar Map Sensor

    I spliced the wiring of the new map sensor into the stock map sensor wiring and used the same vacuum hose to the new sensor. Note the 3 bar map sensors won't work with a stock ecu.
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    Car wont Start in the morning.

    A disconnected or faulty coolant sensor leads to starting issues.
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    Anyone running the AEM EMS-4 on their 4efte/5efte with the stock ignition?

    Good day all, Is anyone running the AEM EMS-4 on their 4efte/5efte with the stock ignition (dizzy/distributor)? I am asking because I seem to have "noise" on the cam input which cause the car to sputter & jerk between 3k-4k rpm. Once you clear this area, the car is smooth. I logged and...
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    Reccomendations for new Fuel Pump?

    Its the same pump. Same as a walbro I once had. You can put the pump in and set the FPR to what you like once it isn't going to make the injectors leak... Tune the car. You will have room to cover upgrades later.
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    Reccomendations for new Fuel Pump?

    I have an epman 255lph high pressure pump in. Quite a few of the guys with evo's have them in as well. Same thing as a Walbro.
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    GT doesnt rev past 1/4 throttle help!

    Unplug the TPS and see if there is a difference.
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    5EFHE turbo starlet

    5Efhe with 4efe pistons controlled with a Megasquirt 3, 550cc Evo injectors, Epman 255lph pump. GT2871r turbo....Car drives everyday. No overheating. Pretty reserved ignition table. Waiting to be tuned after Rally Barbados.
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    Gt28 r

    I have one of the local ones Gorgan. (Stoute build). Stock Rad friendly. AC still intact.
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    Exhaust manifold too hot and turn to red color

    This happens to me as well. I am on old stuff but it's still going. Toytuning hybrid with the Toy tuning manifold. Jam ECU. on the AEM wideband at WOT once the boost is above 10psi the AFR is at a flat 10.
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    Hybrid or not

    Toytuning inlet was bored out a bit. I still have one on to be honest. That unit posted looks like the CT9A i took off my car.