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    Covid 19

    everyone try to stay safe out there. Hopefully things will start to improve soon
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    Boxes from Japan - Pics thread

    same thing i was thinking...lololol but it's all good, we can benefit from Jay's "addiction"...lololol
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    Happy Christmas

    yeah, its been an eventful year to say the least. but still giving thanks and wishing everyone a safe/blessed Xmas season ( or what ever occasion you may celebrate). Even if you don't celebrate anything special at this time, still well wishes are extended to you and yours :cool:
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    CT9 2.5" Downpipe

    try WEPR Racing...sacha
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    Car won't start

    it sounds like you have fuel pump/pressure/connection issues as the sard guage should read around 2.3bar/3.0bar depending on what you had it set at originally. also, on a different note, you may want to drain the gas before you start the car if it is likely to be contaminated from laying for a...
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    Emanage Questions

    its old technology, but it works :cool:
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    Emanage Questions i'd suggest you get take some time and get familiar with this tread for educational purposes. have fun reading lololol
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    Emanage Questions

    the additional afr harness is only necessary if you want to datalog your afr through your emanage ultimate while tuning/driving. emu has datalogging capabilities---boost, engine speed, injector duty cycle, intake temp, coolant temp, etc.---you can select at your discretion
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    Emanage Questions

    i can only go from personal experience i've been using emu since 2007/2008 and never had any issues with it losing any maps a properly set up piggyback/standalone should not lose any data
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    Car wont Start in the morning.

    thanks Jay, i knew i changed both over the years at different times, so i just needed confirmation on each
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    Car wont Start in the morning.

    SENSOR, WATER TEMPERATURE (FOR E.F.I.) 89422-16010 or 89422-22030 again, i think that is this one on the online parts listing....someone/Jay may have to confirm again
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    Car wont Start in the morning.

    i think it is another temperature sensor for the fan (or the ecu guage)....its facing the back of the engine on/beside the thermostat housing if i remember correctly...mine is green in color too on my ep91 SWITCH, TEMPERATURE DETECT, NO. 89428-10120 Jay or someone else who can read the online...
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    Car wont Start in the morning.

    sorry, but i have no specific details on the inner workings. i just know its the coolant temperature sensor for the ecu
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    Car wont Start in the morning.

    i can confirm, i have a glanza i have that exact same 3 pin sensor and if its bad/faulty/disconnected the car refuses to start
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    Need Kind help to Install AC unit on Glanza 5EFTE setup

    good advice above i have a wepr kit which is ac compatible, i told Sacha about this requirement up front and he recommended the appropriate unit for my purposes/set-up before finalizing my order. Space is very tight in the gt/glanza, but a/c is doable with the right set up. when you bought the...