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    Happy Anniversary GT lovers

    Happy 3oth Anniversary! :)
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    Windscreen Washer Pump

    Thanks Skiny, H_D, Good idea flipping the pump around for other feed, I would have done that to keep going, but the whole pump is finished. Part no i got on pump; 85330-12280 then there's 060210-3220 beneath that.
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    Windscreen Washer Pump

    For EP82, I don't know if one from EP91 is the same or another Toyota vehicle one that might work? Thank You.
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    Knock sensor loom part number wanted

    Thanks for updating the thread title Jay!
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    Knock sensor loom part number wanted

    Cheers big ears, spot on! I got the connector with this part no edit; 82998-12440 is the part no for the pigtail with wire for future reference, just wish I had named the thread title more appropriately, is it possible to change it?
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    Mani and decat comparsament

    Absoluteley, the performance achieved is all in the tuning. Only other factor I can see is maybe more heat build up in the less freeflowing bolt on upgrades, mind I recall running upto 18 psi on a hybrid ct9 with bolt on aftermarket mani and decat + mines ecu and the car flew
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    Forged Piston Skirt Cracked

    Oh no :( You can have a look at the spark plug in that cylinder to see if it went lean, should be like a tan brown in colour. Spark plug tip will look chalky white if that cylinder was not receiving the correct amount of fuel. You will have to look at all the evidence as to what has happen. This...
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    Knock sensor loom part number wanted

    Goodafternoon, I am after part no for the connector plug and pigtail wire for the knock sensor for EP82. Thank You.
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    Low idle

    Look in the awesomely helpful section of the site to find the guide. You will need a multimeter and preferably a pair of crocodile clips and feeler/ slip guage set. I would recommended to check the engines ignition timing after performing the tps adjustment.
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    JDM Wheel Porn

    Nice! The designs and style of the wheels tho :cool:
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    Fun EP Vid!

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    Coolant Housing Temp Sensor

    Thanks Jay! Well I asked me local Toyota, they said 43 squids, :eek::eek: but I found a replacement on ebay and amazon for £15:cool:
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    Coolant Housing Temp Sensor

    That is the right one, there's another one pin but its bigger. In the diagrams they all look the same :eek: Thanks!
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    Coolant Housing Temp Sensor

    Hi i'm looking for a part number for the one pin sensor that sits directly below the main green coolant temp sensor on a M3 EP82. I think it's for the cluster temp guage.
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    TGTT Forum Upgrade

    YES TGTT!!!:D:D:D