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  • Seeming as your inbox is full! :p

    Ah not too bad man.lost your number so couldn't ring ya!the celica is sold now and have a Toyota MR-S as my daily! :)
    I'm working mainly later shifts in McDonalds these days but i'm always around by night!must get a look at your glanza.Thanks man!7point chrome cusco cage coming soon so can't wait for that and i'm now running a td04 so delighted!

    here's my number, 0863082379 ,drop me a text some day and we'll suss something out :)
    only spotted your reply there.
    i'm by the GAA club a bit before Avondale.
    98 Starlet on bronze Rota Grids!
    Oh ya, forgot too say, if ya see me about flash the lights or if you wanna meet up for a chat and stuff let me know. It would be nice too have someone nearby who is as into starlets as I!:)
    I am indeed mate!!!!!:) Shes black dude, with starlet decals down the side! Whereabouts in passage you based? What you driving??
    well lad!only spotted your from Cork there!
    i'm from Passage.
    what colour is your GT?
    your not living up the back road by the Monestary by any chance?
    i can't think of any other GT's i see around Rochestown!
    Im sure ive seen ya mate!!!!:) My parents have a gaf in Glandore and we go golfin in Skibb!! Small world!! Im from Rochestown mate but down im down West every couple of weeks for one reason or another! What colour is yur glanza?
    how are things? iam from west cork, down around skibbereen and that area.
    r u from up around the city? i think iam the only one on here from west cork!
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