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  • Hey I'm defently intrstrd in your hybrid turbo with toytuning acuator. Is it in good condition and working well? I'm looking for it as a replacement as my seals have gone on my standard turbo .pm me back Darren
    dudeeeee you wana here my new side exit its sweeeeet ill bring the piece of silicone with me just incase you need it in-future ..you may have a pm :)
    Lads, I'm going to ask you to tone it down please.

    I've removed the reputation comments leading to this outburst. I hope that you can both forget about what is a minor conflict and move on.


    wat would you no!! i live beside him ya mupet! and friends with him!!! bad rep for me ya tit....... hows that diff ya robbed me of going for ya!!!! hope it blows
    hi dan im still new to all this so dont know if doing this in right place but did u rep me "kind of u" if so cheers dan. if not ignor my stupidity lol
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