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    Not what you want on a Sunday evening

    the MR T alt is working fine! This is off the German chariot..... I am assuming the same unit is probably used in dozens of cars so hopefully can pick up a rebuilt one somewhere or get this one rebuilt.
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    If you are new to TGTT please read this

    Due to a significant increase in spam on the forum we have added some questions at registration time. In addition new members with less than 5 posts will not be able to send private messages.
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    Not what you want on a Sunday evening

    Took alternator out of porky earlier, looks like it is fried
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    dodgy member signup messages

    Have been removing dozens of these users every day. Going to have a look at changing the signup process at the weekend and see what can be done. Thanks for reporting.
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    Blitz K1-200v

    "Cooler than a polar bears blitz" - sorry I had to do it.
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    Old Forum...

    unfortunately the old site was on legacy hosting services and forum software that was well past its sell by date so we had to migrate to a more stable and secure home. There are plans to change the colour scheme to the old style at some point.
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    Not what you want on a Sunday evening

    Looks like it's a charging issue. Have a voltage regulator on the way and will fit that at the weekend. The site I ordered the regulator from also had service items for the MR2 so I ordered them also. Rebirth of the MR2 has officially begun! I am excited at the prospect. The avensis wagon was...
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    Covid 19

    Its been a strange stint since this happened. It is nice to see some normality, had lunch out on Sunday and a few pints and it all felt very normal. The vaccine situation I will leave up to others to discuss but I respect everyone's individual decision on it and think it's pretty sad how...
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    Squeaky/chirpy belts????

    And a mouse trap... Just in case like.
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    Squeaky/chirpy belts????

    Any chance a mouse is living under there? There's a dolphin living under my bonnet
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    Family 4wd

    If you haven't picked anything up yet you could consider a Mitsubishi outlander. My father has one and I always thought the ride quality was nice.
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    Flip side - What's the BEST thing you've done to a car

    always loved this... it was a stroke of genius haha
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    Flip side - What's the BEST thing you've done to a car

    hks ssqv installation... I remember fitting it and just thought it was the best thing ever :) Got new switchable exhaust on my 911 recently and I am a boy racer again :D
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    Worst ways you spent your money on your car

    Trying to think about more stuff... How about a very very cheap oil pressure gauge that I mounted in a spare slot in an A pillar gauge holder anddddddd never actually got around to connecting to anything... Remember buying some earthing kit thing that had wires running all over the engine...
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    Worst ways you spent your money on your car

    Back in the day when you were just starting out what were the mistakes you made? Did you buy gadgets and other crap that when you look back on them now were complete nonsense? Did you buy the wrong car entirely? How about that shopping list of stickers you put on the side that you photoshop out...