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    Watching gangs of London on nowtv at the moment, worth a peep. Don't fuck with cats is well worth a watch on Netflix. Also the staircase if you are in to making a murderer type stuff. If you want to zone out and see some beautiful footage watch into the inferno... Amazing stuff.
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    Win - T-Shirt and Stickers - Win

    Hi Folks, We have a set of stickers and a TGTT t-shirt (large) to give away. All you have to do is post a picture of your engine bay to be in with a chance of winning. Dirty? Filthy? Sparkling? Chrome? Rusty? Bling? Whatever it looks like we don't care... let's see them! Winner will be picked...
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    Newbie to the forum

    Welcome !
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    Covid 19

    And this coming weekend you are going to go in to the shed looking for something you havent used in 10 years and its going to be gone.... it will happen dude, it is the way of the world!
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    Golf drivers

    Yeah I think you might be right on that. Every time I hear the diesel dump valves make their horrendous noise I wonder if Fanny Wrecker realises his car sounds like a hippo sneezing. Next time I see it I will try get a photo, you gotta see this thing to fully appreciate it.
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    Rotary powered drag Starlet

    Remember Alf from back in the day? For some reason I have a feeling he might just arrive on to this thread and start being grumpy and tell us he used to race this car in his tercel and then post a pic of the printout of his qtr mile runs! Bit of nostalgia.
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    Some photos from the TGTT Archive

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    Air in coolant problem!?!?

    Turn the radio up! :) Any chance it could be a dodgy radiator cap?
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    Air in coolant problem!?!?

    My mr2 was a pain in the arse for this... Switch the engine off and gurgle gurgle gurgle though it never seemed to cause an issue with cooling. There were little bleed tubes in the frunk and a whole convoluted procedure for bleeding it if I recall. Are you losing any coolant at all or is it...
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    Boxes from Japan - Pics thread

    yeah looked cool :) If you get any quirky MR2 schtuff let me know.
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    TGTT Forum Upgrade

    Looks like the logout/login issue is fixed. Discovered an issue with clicking on old TGTT links... they are taking the user to bad link. Working on that currently.
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    Boxes from Japan - Pics thread

    Hmm ... probably an interim measure to prevent any plastics or PPE leaving their shores, might be more specific restrictions soon. What are the MR2 thingies?
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    Welcome, car looks great!
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    Boxes from Japan - Pics thread

    this is true.