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    Standard or aftermarket panhard rod measurments

    I paid abt £110 for a cusco delivered from rhd japan
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    Rear caliper rebuild?

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    Rear caliper rebuild?

    Btw if anyone has any seized rear calipers for sale or need some rebuilt please let me know
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    Rear caliper rebuild?

    Best advice i can give is not to keep the handbrake on especially when its cold outside. If my car is being parked up for a long period of time i keep it in gear rather then keeping the handbrake on
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    Rear caliper rebuild?

    I have rebuilt at least 30+ pairs. Sometimes its simple sometimes its a ballache. It really depends on how badly they are seized
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    Ep91 hks exhaust question

    Does anyone the long the flexi pipe is on a HKS high power silent exhaust for an EP91. mines got stretched and ripped apart on a hump
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    Been fishing for just over 12 years. Started off going to private carp lakes where you also find breem and rudd, also do a fair bit of sea fishing around holyhead and an torquay.
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    Stock TMIC cover

    How much posted to leicester Jay?
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    Stock TMIC cover

    Looking for a stock TMIC cover please PM me Thanks
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    Covid 19

    Im sure brake cleaner will kill bacteria but probably ruin your hands
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    Ep91 TRD wishbone bushes

    Purchased these new years ago and never used them as i ended up fitting an anti lift kit instead. Any idea on what they might be worth and would anyone know if they would fit an ep82?
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    Time to leave the fold maybe?

    i really need a practical car, ideally a 5 door with the fun factor as I don't want to daily the V anymore, looks like I'm going to be on the hunt for an evo 7-9
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    Time to leave the fold maybe?

    I was so close to buying a caldina until i found out they dont have a manual gearbox option.
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    Merry Xmas TGTT

    Merry Christmas to my starlet family. Santas got me 29psi of boost