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    Bloody waterpumps!!!!!!

    I've fitted a mixture of different brands over the years without too much hassle although I've stuck to genuine Toyota on my own cars. I have a figure of £75 in my head for the Toyota price but that's possibly changed. There's two ways to buy them - just the pump or the whole unit, the first...
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    Bloody waterpumps!!!!!!

    Don't think I've had any issues Duncan, just might be unlucky. I'm guessing the rest of the cooling system is tip top? Only other thing I can think of would be the belt could have an effect on the pump shaft possibly, tension good and it's all running true?
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    Starlet GT (1991)

    The offset will be stamped onto the rim somewhere, usually the back but I've seen them on the front in some cases. I've had major scrubbing with ET35 on TSW, BBS and various others in the past. Don't remember my TE37's rubbing at all but that could just be selective memory. Cusco, Whiteline...
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    Heater Blower Noise - Issue

    At the passengers feet. It's a round unit with the bolts visible from below.
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    Weird Noise When Turning Right

    I have heard that noise before but I am struggling to place where and what it was.. Isn't old age fun? Will have a think but god only knows.
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    Heater Blower Noise - Issue

    Could have crap stuck in it or the motor could just be goosed after so many years service. Think there's three 10mm head screws on the bottom and an electrical connector then you can pop it out and have a look.
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    Toyota 2000GT Cigarette Box

    Not having much joy on eBay so reckoned I could list it here too. These boxes were given out by Toyota Japan to certain customers to promote the models of the era. I've a small collection of them here which are too good not to display. Very rare item in the UK, imported myself from Japan...
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    Genuine Toyota Numberplate Surrounds

    I've a few of these knocking about the garage and seeing as eBay is a tough sell thought I'd list them here too. Brought in from the Japanese auctions by myself, suit a 6" x 13" japanese sized numberplate, perfect finishing touch to a JDM exterior. Rocking a set myself: Used...
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    Starlet GT (1991)

    Welcome to TGTT :cool: Sounds like you got a sweet project, will be good to see some progress so please think about adding a build thread. Sway bars are a good modification for the chassis, there's a few types like TRD and Cusco for the fronts but Whiteline are an Australian company so...
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    Hello from Barbados

    Welcome to the site bro, hopefully it proves useful :cool: Please take the time to add a build thread to the members section, would be nice to see another Starlet getting attention (plus the Barbados scenery is incredible from what I've seen - perfect backdrop)!
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    1991 Toyota Carina

    Good to hear it bud, hopefully you will get a few extra quid with the amount of interest. It's weird that you could have spent a few £100 to get it cleaned up, fresh MOT and presentable and ended up worse off financially as a result lol. Mental.
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    Cool auction finds

    The TRD ones go for HUGE money in Japan.
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    Mk1 GT

    Brake proportioning valve would be a good last roll of the dice. They can cause a rear brake imbalance if any crud gets stuck in them.
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    JDM Vin Decoder.

    Quite the collection, nice to see you have a varied taste! I can appreciate a good M3 - even drove one round the Ring in fact - but I just look wrong in one :D
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    JDM Vin Decoder.

    There's a lot more than 15 - I've five on site here lol