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    4EFTE Glanza Engine *Ireland*

    its running sweet just serviced there was 134kms on the clock of the car no oil leaks. i'll sell the full engine with turbo and all for 300 as im stuck for money
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    4EFTE Glanza Engine *Ireland*

    have one here man 300 ono
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    Glanza Back box

    have one there man
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    Wanted gearbox, oil pump, gasket set n.Ireland

    have a gear box here to man
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    Few bits wanted...

    make me a offer on it man :)
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    Few bits wanted...

    i've wind deflectors there and standard exhaust bar back box previous owner got a weld on back box put on
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    4EFTE Engine

    have one here in dublin man
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    injectors and management

    cheers man rep added :)
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    injectors and management

    i just got a td04 kit for a bargin price of €300 i got the turbo manifold and decat the turbo is mint condition. just wondering what injectors to use i was told lancer gsr ones work is this true. also i was thinking of using a blue emanage will this be ok? im going to change the fuel pump to a...
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    ATTENTION TRADERS parts wanted

    ah just the head gasket i'd love to do the bottom end but cant afford it
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    ATTENTION TRADERS parts wanted

    cheers man do i need to replace head studs?
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    ATTENTION TRADERS parts wanted

    im looking for a price on the following bits head gasket timing belt and water pump i blew my head gasket on track yesterday and need to get this done asap as i've another track day coming up soon :p :drive:
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    new pics

    looks savage man
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    wanted starlet or glanza engine

    have one in tallaght man :)
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    mondello trackday

    all you need is a helmet man and your car i once your car dosnt have a buddy club spec2 you should be ok only exhuast i've seen them give out about. any of you up for this next friday? i no its a bit of short notice