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    rear drivers side caliper

    im after a drivers side rear caliper plz as mine seems to be sticking, regards mac.
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    fuel pressure regulator

    when my engine is hot and im stationary for a while blue smoke comes out of my exhaust. ive been told its the fpr running lean. does any1 know what the fpr should run at as mine needs to run at betwen 6-7 so it does not smoke.:(
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    Drivers side rear caplier

    Has anyone got a drivers side rear capiler for regards, as mine has seized up plz:mad:
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    rad hoses

    thanx pal already got some but many thanx mac
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    rad hoses

    im after raditor hoses for my ep82 standard plz. can any1 tell if any other hoses from other cars will fit regards,:mad:
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    FOR SALE: EP82 exhaust

    i want a cheap exhaust is still for sale pal let me no regards
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    Cat back exhaust for sale

    exhaust is the exhaust system still for sale regards
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    Cat back exhaust for sale

    is the exhaust system still for sale regards mac
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    lots of stuff, blue leads, cat back system, mirrors, engine parts, glass & more

    exhaust is the exhaust system still for sale and if so will it fit ep82. what would be the postage to the uk regards
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    exhaust systems

    where is the best place to get a full exhaust system and which one to reccommed plz:cool:
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    thank u pal for all ur help very much appreciated.
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    yes u can feel the scratches with ur finger nail mate. the started at the wing and workrd rite across the car then scratched downwards. the colour of my car metalic black. i think some has gone to the metal.
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    some f.... has scratched my pride and joy. plz can any1 tell me the best way to get rid of these regards
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    radiator fan

    thank u 4 ur help much appreciated
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    radiator fan

    i took the air con out and since then the rad fan remains on all the time is this normal if not how do i remedy this problem regards