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  • Antway going to log off now, send me a mail if you are interested in the RX7 TMIC. Like I said you can have it just have to carry the shipping charges from your side.

    Cheers out
    I have a RX7 intercooler that I am taking off it if yo want you can have it. You can send your details to stevep@didata.bw and then I will send you details for courier, you must just pay for the shipment
    but like you say, it's the 1300 that is the fun part. Gets the guys every time, ha ha. And the machine has so much potential it crazy. I have the 1994 ep82, but the one just before the quadlamp. Wana keep the standard turbo and see what I can get out og it, also decided to keep the topmount, going to put an rx7 one in though. Scared with a fmic if I hit a warthog or guideafowl it's screwed, ha ha.
    aha, that will be a bit harder to find. Will see what I can find out. I have the . Only few mods so far. Boosting at 0.8 on the ct9, keeping it safe. If you running a bigger turbo you can boost stock internals safely at 1 they say. some guys are running 1.2 to 1.4 on stock internals. But ou don't need many mods to put bigger guys to shame. Have eaten a few new gti's and opels. A beemer or 2. But had my ass handed to me by a crazy moded 2L Turbo Audi A3, and a honda civic Vtec but had nice mods. But we will see after dec when I get it back. ha ha
    Hey, nam is good. No complaints just bloody hot, ha ha. You mean the headlight or foglight? There is a guy here who imports jap parts, but some of the other toyota parts etc fit the ep82. Good to hear your turbo kit coming along. Mine is going in to the shop in DEC for a few changes.
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