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    Ep82 Bodykit

    Wise decision Fiz to hold onto it i am missing the side skirts to complete the full Doobie kit going to bit the bullet and order them new off Rhd japan this week cause i bought the front and rear lips second hand and tbh cost me a furtune for to be fixed on top of the fortune i payed for...
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    Ep82 Bodykit

    Did you have the full Doobie kit mate
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    Cool auction finds

    I'd be all over this if jay hadn't of sorted me out extremely rare A pillar map light mk3 starlet glanza optional extra
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    choices of spoilers for ep82??????

    Awesome jay as there's no information on winning sports ep82 spoiler anywhere on the internet did you paint the underside of your winning sports jay also jay how is the winning sports attached bar the hole on either side is there any other fixing point
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    Cool auction finds

    Shot blasted and painted it would look mint calum
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    Cool auction finds

    Jam manifold :eek::eek::eek:
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    Post a pic of your car as it sits right now.

    Here's mine at japfest
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    choices of spoilers for ep82??????

    Awesome thanks very much mate
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    choices of spoilers for ep82??????

    Jay old thread i no but you the original picture by any chance ??:)
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    Blitz K1-200v

    God id love this i wonder how my tuning development's hybrid billet ct9 would compare to this
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    Wtd Ep82 cat back exhaust system

    Looking for the likes of hks hi power silent ep82 cat back or 5zigen boarder must be in mint condition and willing to post to me in ireland so whats out there lads Thank matty
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    Cool auction finds

    That jam actuator work on the ep82 turbo ??? If so can someone buy it for me edit it won't wrong actuator pin:(:mad:
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    Wilwood 4 Pot Brake Kit (EP91, EP82)

    Sold to me :) collected these 2 day
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    Merry Xmas TGTT

    Happy Christmas Jay and to all ep owners on tgtt :)
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    Boxes from Japan - Pics thread

    Liking the brochure with the funky gt on the front jay