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    My old V

    glad to see its still on the road and in one piece, id buy it back 2moro if i had the funds for it, looks sweet with the oem bumper and livesports lip
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    My old V

    Hello, Been a long time since ive posted on here, sold my V about 12 months ago to a member from here and I know its sinced moved on seein as he likes to change cars like new socks, so was wonderign if anyone knows where the car ended up or is it still on the road? cheers mike
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    Got a bit of work done

    yet again you've made the car better when didnt think it was possible,fair play dude. always wondered what the car would look like with them lines filled in, and have to say it looks sweet.
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    she is back

    glad to see it wont be totally gone off the road, lovely car so it is.
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    fitted few parts

    this will look immense once the arches are rolled and flared, drop it rite down once ya get it sorted and it will be the bomb..
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    **Project of the year 2010**

    x2 have seen this car go from standard into what it sits at today, and to say the amount of work that has gone into it is somthing else. Every part of the kit is original and no copies are fitted to this car. One of the nicest starlets in the world as it stands and with the new wheels fitted it...
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    Been a while

    best of luck with it man.
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    misfire question..

    sound, he has a few of them alrite, il let ya know if there's injectors left in them.
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    misfire question..

    cheers man, ill give that a try so.. i know of a fella with a good few of them for breaking so mite get spare one from him.
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    misfire question..

    yeah its a 1.6 leanburn alrite, ill try that gedis. is it usually just the one that sticks or multiples? cheers man.
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    misfire question..

    Yeah I was thinkin the distributor and rotor could be the cause of the problem, because everything else spark related has been changed. I dunno mark, gonna leave the country soon nothin here..but that's another story.haha Yeah seen it's up for sale alrite, ya it was sweet alrite.
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    misfire question..

    Hows a goin all, rite this doesnt relate to starlet but since the problem is with a toyota I thought mite aswell ask on here cause its the best toyota website on the web.. well ive sold the starlet a few weeks back, and ive bought a toyota carina as a runaround. Now in the last week or so its...
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    Picked Up This Today For My V

    that looks the business now man, love the tilted angle of the exhaust, proper jdm lookin. And to think the life this car had before you bought it, good work man keep it up.
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    On to bigger and better things I guess..

    Well I done something today I didn't think I was going to do yet but I sold my starlet. Was sad to see it been driven away, but happy all the same to get something new. Sold it to a member off the site so hopefully its well looked after, after all the work that's gone into it. Here's a recent...
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    last of a dying breed

    posted the wrong link so check out the 1st post for the link which i oringanlly intended to post.