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    Win - T-Shirt and Stickers - Win

    ahhh, only just spotted this.
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    7A-FE engine

    ive seen these in my local scrap yard a few times but ive not been in for a while. i will keep an eye out next time. dont get much jap stuff in usually though.
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    4efte forged build guidance needed

    I think zisco were supplying these. pretty sure you will need them line bored to your block though.
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    good work Jay keep us updated.
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    I remember you sx turbo from the old days. I never left the starlets really. i ended up with a grey gt and ive used that as my daily for the last 6 years with no issues either.
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    Cam skill used to sell the rear calipers they were not cheap though! nice one Jay. Always good to have a few spairs :D
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    Auto turbo with sunroof loom swap with manual turbo

    im sure theres a guide out there somewhere.
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    Auto lost 3rd and 4th...

    have you ever changed the box oil?
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    EP82 Indicator sets

    i think my ep85 had those sticky outy type ones.
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    Boxes from Japan - Pics thread

    That ash tray is awesome!
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    Fuel Tank Sand blasted

    when i got a tank blasted i made covers from thin tin and screwed them over the holes with a thin piece of foam underneath to act as a gasket.
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    Where's all the old school boys gone?!

    Still here running my grey auto mk2. I have not long received this little treat from Sacha so i will be fitting it shortly.
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    4x 75mm Wiesco Pistons & Scat Rods with Bolts

    Did the engine not run with an air filter?
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    gearbox 4e, 5e anything

    which box is it pal?
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    gearbox 4e, 5e anything

    after a box for my GT anything considered turbo, na, paseo, g6 ect.