Rob H

1999 SR with forged 4EFE with Greddy TD05 16G
Dec 26, 1980 (Age: 41)
Engine 4EFE
Greddy TD05-16G
Nortec mani
Tail V band waste gate
Tial BOV
Blitz front mount
Wiseco 10cc pistons
Scat Rods
Ported and polished head
Ported 4EFE inlet manifold
modified rocker cover
Cruise cams
Cruise valve springs
all ACL bearings
TRD 0.6mm head gasket
ARP main,big end and head bolts
Full stand alone ECU
Blitz nur spec R system
HKS and mocal remote oil filter kit

Wilwood 4 pot kit
Rays engineering sebring sprint wheels
Glanza Rear end
Glanza speedo and rev counter with indiglo dials
Blitz DC boost gauge
PLX DM-6 wide band
PLX EGT sensor (same gauge as wide band)
Stack oil pressure gauge
Stack oil temp gauge

EVO Recaro front seats, rear seats re-trimmed to match
Door cards re-trimmed in black suede
Volvo truck mechanic


[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] my other hobby has 3.75 legs!
Built, engineered and machined all by my self and proud of it and with the help of some good mates!


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