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    Spuddy's ECC Tuned 570BHP Starlet (Highest BHP Known 5E)

    holly shit balls, fair play , will you be running this in enniskillen or just the pod ??
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    that ok lad , ya still has it alright
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    im his bro, yes ?? anything i can help with :) ??
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    suspension set up

    was thinking that to but most places wont set them up here in ireland for liabilty issues and the one's that will charge a fortune
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    suspension set up

    how do you set up after market suspension properly for your car, how do you work out if enough stroke, bound & rebound etc etc ... ie. cusco height & damper adjustable thanks in advance sorry if there a section for this , please move if so 7 if answered , couldnt find it
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    evo style integra

    it makes me feel sick :mad:
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    TM-developments 5e engine.....

    my brother took his car and 5e engine over with a weper tdo4 kit to dave & darren , top lads , brill work, never looked back sence.. i'd recommend them and i say tdo4 will be enough of an upgrade from a ct9 with no mods ,especaill if your not racing , tdo6 will have to much lag if your looking...
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    14 March Enniskillen Drag racing!

    only half good quility pic i got, for got the camera so its a stupid carmer phone pic :mad:
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    good honda forum?? & :rockon:
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    14 March Enniskillen Drag racing!

    was a savage day , gt's done well :rockon: spuddy nice meeting ya(im gglavin's brother), heard so much about your car , couple of more run's and you'll get the power done, i have faith in ya LOL
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    Nortwest Meet, Pics and Afterthoughts.

    pictures look well mike , top work again but left my starlet out :(:haha::haha: was great meet , savage day and the beer was good to ... wouldnt been a irish meet unless we where drinkling would it :beer::beer::haha::haha:
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    Removing old paint

    for like 5euro you can get wire bruse heads bits to put into a brill, savage job :rockon:
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    TD04 kit

    if your looking for a new kit, get on to sasha at wickedep , top peice of kit :rockon:
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    Rocker cover painted at last

    maybe mike can use his photo skills at the northwest meet , if all done in time , the rocker looks even better in the sun :rockon:
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    West/Northwest Irish Meet 7th March 3pm Sligo

    1.Mike 2.Brendanlez 3.Johnny_C 4.brian01 5.Galen 6.gglavin 7.mickscanlon 8.Corey 9.Eoin 10.andy87 11.mossie477 12.garyfh 13.robbie_g :drive: