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    mk1 bumper / exhaust for sale

    Pmd lawrence
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    NORTHSTARS* RR day / Meet Sat 12 Dec

    Good job on the editing Jay they came up well. Can you send me a hi red pic to Thanks man
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    ***Cat-Back Exhaust***

    Pmd Djaniero
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    ep82 emanage blue harness

    I bought an emb with an ep91 field harness if anyone has an ep82 field harness theyd wanna swap for? Or the injector/ignition harnesses? Thanks
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    2015 meets - NORTHSTARS

    Car- ep82 Engine- stock 4e Turbo- ct9b Boost- 12psi Guesstimate- 177 on the rollers Managment- negative
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    2015 meets - NORTHSTARS

    theres a guy in an ep91 coming along his names phil also if you can add him to the list
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    2015 meets - NORTHSTARS

    Add me into that list im game and should hopefully have another ep91 going all being well
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    WANTED - td04 bolt on kit (or) CT9/12 hybrid

    might have one that interests you. pmd
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    **Various parts for sale: Emanage Blue, HKS Actuator, Momo, Lights and indicators etc

    Pmd about the emanage there mate let me know if its still available and ii will take it.
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    td04 downpipe wanted asap

    preferably looking a screamer pipe but a decat will do fine. pm me with what you have. thanks,ryan
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    c56/glanza gearbox

    Nice one mate. Thanks :)
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    Room 2 Race meet - May 2014

    Voted Sunday myself and count me in for the racing too
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    c56/glanza gearbox

    Hi guys im after a c56 gearbox in good working condition? Non lsd type please..
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    glanza c56 gearbox

    Looking for a c56 gearbox from an ep91 with no synchro problems or damage.. Cash waiting for the right one.
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    All Ireland EP meet March 2nd

    Change of circumstances for me, moving house in the next week or two so unfortunately I cant make it! Thought id let yas know anyway enjoy lads