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    **WANTED glanza head light clip**

    Almost certain i have one lying around. Will have a look when im home at the weekend John. If i have one there i will pop it in the post for you or something ok.
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    Lost My Car Keys!!! What to do???

    Got into the car;). No sign of keys though lol.
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    My Project in Progress :

    No problem man. Glad to get it sorted for ya. Now get her fired up!!
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    problem starting threads

    Have a read through this mate
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    mackerel any one ?

    Haha brilliant. Something fishy about that crash though ;)
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    Ep91 reverse bulbs

    its a 921 capless bulb if I remember correctly mate Something like this
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    yet another new look, Toms

    Looks really well John, fair play to you
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    Wicklow gap run

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    Wicklow gap run

    1. Madman 2. Clarkytrd 3. Derek 4. s.murphy
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    Wicklow gap run

    Count me in guys. Hope you don't mind me bringing the ST lol.
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    Who's the daddy!

    Congratulations Spuddy, great news ;)
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    Irish and Nordy Irish meets??

    Would many of yous be interested in a dyno day if i was to look into it??
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    [photo contest] Summer time

    Hope this is ok, not a Starlet but hey :)