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    jam fcd causing car to smoke a lot on idle

    so...did you remove the fcd before plugging in this ecu?
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    jam fcd causing car to smoke a lot on idle

    have you wired in any other mods? like an fcd, sld etc?
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    TPS unplugged, makes no difference ? Throttle Position Sensor

    disconnected tps equals half throttle on a non-automatic tps. doesn't matter for idle or half throttle, only on full throttle but the ecu will not throw any errors in most cases. It most probably only will on > 60 km/hour and more than xxx rpm.
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    what are these?

    Not true dark_knight, they are for diagnostics/troubleshooting purposes.
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    wiring glanza engine loom to a corsa cabin loom help needed

    You're taking the wrong approach... just splice the glanza engine loom into the corsa engine loom and everything should be fine.
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    EP82 Wiring looms

    sorry for the late response but indeed these looms are different.
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    Tragic loss to the starlet world : RIP Dave Burwash!

    Same here, I've also known him ever since was started by Macker. He was one of the first members like Tomaddo, Domo, Jay etc. I always liked his purple-ish starlet hey owned back then. RIP man
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    building a 5E (stock internals?)

    nope. 5e flywheel has got a 200mm clutchplate, 4e-fte has got 212.
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    How to wire ep91 loom to ep82 na loom ?

    no problem, replied :)
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    How to wire ep91 loom to ep82 na loom ?

    I've done this several times. Drop me a pm with all your questions Just make a proper loom, do not mess with gtt interio leems etc, that's not neccesary at all.
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    engine conversion!! wiring help!!!

    Pics sent too lol
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    Awesomely Helpful Info Section - member submissions

    How abou this diagram?
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    ep91 to ep70

    Here is the diagram. Please note that the relays (A1 and A2) are used from some sold ep82 aircon relays) Plug B is a plug i used to connect some wires to a walbro fuel pump in the engine bay, and some other things Also note that this diagram includes an fcd. Click Here
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    ep91 to ep70

    ep91 to ep70 is the same as ep82 to ep70. Done this a few times, just make sure you make a good loom with a circuit opening relay. If you don't and you crash the car the fuel pump will keep pumping which is not something you want if the car catches fire. I can post a diagram I made for that...