May 11, 1979 (Age: 42)
Engine: standard 4efe pistons, crank, rods, head gasket, cams dizzy. Head ports worked/ported for torque, uprated stronger valve springs, adjustable cam pully , ACL bigend bearings/shells. 76deg paseo OEM thermostate, 5efe paseo inlet manifold using the Audi 80 sport 1990 51mm twin plate throttle body, using all thermal protective port matched gaskets, 8mm race ignition leads, C4 64kv Jacobs electronic external coil, E3 heat range 6 plugs, aem piggyback ems, 372cc injectors, kemso fuel pump, high flow b16 modified fuelrail fse fuel regulator, zisco ram's horn high velocity exhaust manifold kit, tdo4l hyb turbo 13t in size 11 blade billet race compressor wheel heavily ported exhaust housing 9 blade turbine, tail 38mm air cooled external gate, electronic boost controller currently setup at 1bar, japspeed modified exhaust system, high flow catalytic converter. Alloy lightweight flywheel.
Transmission: g6 corrola 6 speed box, Cusco lsd unit.
Design engineer in the areo-space sector.



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