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    Yeh we are as busy as ever, I'd say even busier trying to catch up with the lost time off. There sending me over to the states as soon as it's safe to do so. Gulp.
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    COROLLA tubular inlet manifold.

    Sorry guys ive just seen this now. Thanks for the help I'll message him now.
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    Genuine Toyota Numberplate Surrounds

    I'll take 1 off you jay.
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    toy tuning liquidation

    Uurrm not sure on what I just watched. I think I got about 15min in. Heads hurting and eyes closing. Funny how he looks around 30+ but making rev rev bang pop noises.
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    I'm aiming for gxr on wet roads.

    I'm aiming for gxr on wet roads.
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    Hello from Barbados

    Good Evening. Welcome along. Let's see your build.
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    Haha, well that's definitely swl tested. How is everyone, I've been busy recently and I've not managed to get on here.
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    Morning all. I could do with a hobby. If the aerospace sector goes to crap as predictors I'm going to have some spare time on my hands soon. I was thinking learn the piano but fishing sound nice and chilled.
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    Hi Everybody

    Hello there. Enjoy
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    Mpg figures.

    So far the Toyota fueling map/overall setup is looking to be where it should be with around 3years of post production testing happening at the time of the ep80 - ep95. I'm very impressed with the ep95 looking into the gearset on the auto it's a 3speed box I haven't found much information on...
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    Some track fun

    Another would be the lotus Elise and vx220 not sure if I'm brave anuff for the vx220 turbo.
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    Some track fun

    I've always liked these and the mx5.
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    Camshaft options for the 4e Toyota engine + valve spring options.

    Yeh the same on the 407 2ltr GTi and turbo cam swaps. I was getting told on ukso that the 4efe and 4efte had the same cam set. Anyone that can read the Dyno graph can see it doesn't.
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    Camshaft options for the 4e Toyota engine + valve spring options.

    The thing I notice here is how the power is delivered in 1 continuous go. Look how the torque graph build almost mirrors the hp build. The in car feel would be awesome 1to1 power great control great acceleration. It's normally around 1.5ltr to 1.6ltr engine size this is seen because of the...
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    Camshaft options for the 4e Toyota engine + valve spring options.

    Again skinny thanks for the reply with the Dyno graph I'm just looking at it now. Very smooth graphs on both and the na graph (nice tune) you can see the corolla inlet table top low to mid torque graph really very outstanding and also the difference between the 4efte cam configuration and 4efe...