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    Time to leave the fold maybe?

    oowww nice very nice.
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    Radiator caps to fit original radiator

    Does that cap fit the standard rad? fiz
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    Cool video

    The sr20 nissan engine is another fantastic engine and a short stroke so fits in alot of smaller cars
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    Cool video

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    [video] Azerty BEST OF - 2011 Rally championship

    I was just watching these videos. Great stuff. As well as all coming to birth on here. Great driving. Any updates
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    Hello from Yorkshire

    Welcome along. Fantastic build and attention to detail.
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    Greddy profec A solonoid wanted(sorted)

    Im on the profec b electronic boost controller. Great bit of kit on the more common valve used. Some good things happening here dutchie.
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    Fantastic unknown setup.

    Yeh cop setups are rarely used to there full potential. To map one in fully takes years (individual cylinder timing) you also need to monitor individual cylinder temps and really have things like siquential injectors, as well as good valve timing (vetec) with indirect injection. To really get...
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    Fantastic unknown setup.

    MK3 love them. Having a read threw now, im loving the abilities and knowledge people have on here. Yeh the diss less system on the 4efe (next gen ems faster) rules out the mechanical dizzy in a millisecond electronic world but a good piggy back would be needed. Personally this is as far as I...
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    Hello fron Chile

    Squeezed that power in there. Lovely conversation. Welcome to the site.
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    Fantastic unknown setup.

    Nice figures there for sure. I'll give it a go on u tube, I'm very new to all this internet chatting. I'm yet to get a smart phone. The standard tdo4l I ran for 2week made good power on lower boost but .8bar was a sweet spot for surge of power. I know the ct9 come in very early in the rpm even...
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    Fantastic unknown setup.

    Yeh. Very cool setup. If that's just on the surface what lies within. And on a ct9 hyb. I need to know more.
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    Fantastic unknown setup.

    I found this on the you tube. Can any 1 tell me anything about this car. I'm after a Dyno graph of full setup if possible.
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    COROLLA tubular inlet manifold.

    Haha yeh I've seen some of the crazy news posts on my misses profile. Talk about living in fear of every day life. Extreme living. I'm currently looking at buying a later bugeyed 4efe corrola for the engine inlet and ignition system/ loom ECU dissless system. I can't find an acis anywhere very...
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    COROLLA tubular inlet manifold.

    I'm not on Facebook I'll have a go at setting a profile up soon. Thanks all for the help and advice.