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    WANTED: WEPR ram style downpipe

    not so bad so man, how much would ya want for it ??
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    WANTED: WEPR ram style downpipe

    cool cool, would it take much to do it do ya no dude.?? is it new or used??
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    WANTED: WEPR ram style downpipe

    tdo4 turbo dude and 5zigen pro racer exhaust
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    WANTED: WEPR ram style downpipe

    if any one has one of these new or used can ya pm me please thanks lads :p
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    ECU Recommendations

    Hey Guys, just got a tdo4 and wepr mani with wastegate and screamer and was wondering what ecu would be the best to get to get with this set up?? Has anyone got one for sale or could tell me what one to get?? Cheers Sami
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    Paul Walker Visits Famous GT-R Tuner Mine's in Japan

    now me and the mad scientist gotta pull apart the block to replace the piston rings you fried :P
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    TDO4 L Turbo, WEPR Maini and screamer pipe and jam ecu wanted

    Hey guys Looking for all them little bits there if anyone knows where i could pic them up cheap or anywhere could ya give me a shout, cheers :D
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    K sport coilovers

    cool lads nice one, ill try the grease on the top mounts and the lithium grease and get back to you soon, cheers :D
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    K sport coilovers

    Hey, Have k sport coilovers on my glanza, i have the car about 3 months and i started having this kinda relle annoying noise come out of them like screatching or like if somethin was relle tight or something, its hard to explain but it doesnt sound right when im turning corners and stuff...
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    Wanted: Lsd

    Hey guys, Any one know or have an lsd for sale ?? thanks sami
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    Wanted: E manage ultimate

    Hey guys, Any one have an emanage ultimate for sale or know where i would get a good one?? Sami :D
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    hey guys,, anyone have a walbro 255 water pump new or second hand for sale?? cheers sami :D
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    Blitz dual sol boost controller help??

    happy days so :D ill set her up and see what the story is with that and get back to ya when ive all sorted, thanks for the help :D
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    Piggy pack ECU??

    cheers dude nice one :D got him there and sent him a pm so see what he says :D
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    Blitz dual sol boost controller help??

    cheers lads thanks alot big help, will get back to ya when i have it set up have you any idea what boost is safe for the standard engine and i have a hybrid turbo and fmic and mild steel mani to go with ite??