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  • hey r u on UKSC as Socks?? really really could do with ur help??? A guys on there is selling an engine he was going to use in his NA starlet and has put it up for sale, he says its ur old engine...??

    Just spend 2k on buy forged bits and now its knocking cos it wasnt balanced so really dont want to buy it if it isnt strong enough to runa tD04 setup onit with 330 injectors...

    would really appriate some info if u could...?

    Thankss 4 readin
    Just seen and accepted your request Matt. No worries dude, good luck with your project and thanks very much :)
    Hi mate,

    Right there is very little Clearence under the bonnet even though my sump is very low. The compromise is A slighted higher ride height or larger wheels. 16's give enough to lower body.

    I dont get fully lock without rubbing even when using a 5mm spacer, on 175 tires.. With a hubcentric spacer say 20mm it definitely won't be an issue but then arches would need making up. But in all honestly with oem offset with 5mm spacer and 195 tires on 15's I only get slight rub when say parking but it's not that noticeable and isn't ever a problem when driving.
    I did yes mate... To be very honest, ive had so so so so many people enquiring about now ive literally stopped replying as i havent actually got the time to reply or the effort. I get asked so many questions and most of you such as yourself are very polite and i do feel rude not replying but you can only imagine how many people have and still do enquire about this. I used to reply and spend alot of time with people on this for them to know proceed and realize how much is involved or then not reply back to me... So i gave up. Very sorry
    hi mate. i see u have been in touch with (allyc16vgt). do not buy from this guy. he is selling damaged goods. and u will loose the money u pay him. please take notice of this and report him to tgtt immediatly
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