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  • hello my friend iam from greece i want to ask you for your trigger wheel in crank pulley! its handmade or you buy it from a store?thank you for your time
    All right mate havnt seen you in a long time. was seening if knew any one that would be interested in my NOS kit it's in the for sale thread. cheers David
    hello how are you?
    My name is Raul
    and I am from Lima
    Peru, I have a query
    and is as follows: I am
    about to buy a starlet
    ep85 4efe 4WD with an
    engine, my question is,
    can do a swap or engine
    swap for a 4age 16 or
    20 valves, it happens
    that would make this
    project, and then
    searching the internet I
    found this good page. I
    would like to know
    please that would have
    to do to get my 4WD
    4age ep85 ... and if not
    possible that another
    engine could use any
    non-turbo (4efte) ...
    only one engine sucked
    n / a. ... thank you for
    your response. a big
    hug from LIMA
    PERU !!!...
    POSTSCRIPT ... This
    translation was done
    with Google translator,
    because I do not speak
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