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    few parts wanted.

    Iv got a fcd
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    Gauging interest: breaking EP91 Glanza PART 1

    Price on thebonnet
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    Breaking Glanza lots of aftermarket parts.

    How much for the bonnet pm me the price cheers
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    Gauging Interest Breaking 96' Glanza v lots of bits :(

    How much forthe bonnet m8
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    for sale parts from my glanza

    M8 would u post the bonnet
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    rocker cover wanted

    i got 4 sat here 20 posted mate give me a ring on 07570459301
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    4efte Engine

    i got 1 m8 700
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    ct9 hybrid cheap??

    i got 1 wots the max u will pay ent long had seals dne
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    **4efte engine only, cash waiting**

    i got 1 can hear runnin as still in car 700
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    wind deflectors?

    i got a set layin about m8 45 posted
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    EP91 front bumper wanted!!!! PRONTO

    i got a black 96-97 bumper 100 posted
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    ***4efte engine***

    700 as it had new head gesket nd head bolt be for i got me new car
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    ***4efte engine***

    i got a complete engine running sweet as a nut with hybird turbo 1200
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    wanted a 4efte engine soon as poss standard or forged ???

    Alryt mate got an engine with new head gasket and hybird turbo 1000
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    Black glanza bumper

    I got 1 130 posted