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    For sale 3x 5e 74.5 scat pistons & pouter con rods

    likely a typo, pretty sure they are wossner pistons.
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    ep85/95 exhausts???

    yeah it quite low, but it does'nt scrape on the speed bumps and on spirted drives mate so am happy.
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    ep85/95 exhausts???

    the welds still needed cleaned and tidied up in these pics, 2.5" all the way with a back box cut in half :-)
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    ep85/95 exhausts???

    Il stick mine up later duncan, cant figure out how to do it on my phone.
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    best cr for 1.6 bar td05

    Sorry I simplely miss wrote it a smoothish finish, mine were glass beaded. Sorry for the confusion.
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    best cr for 1.6 bar td05

    well am with you skalabala, ive used numerous raceheads over the years and had good gains from them. that ruff bumps on the head will do sweet f all realy, air will be spiraling through the maniflow to the head anyway. Do u realy think that tiny rough patch makes a difference? the king of all...
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    best cr for 1.6 bar td05

    With good fuel and tune, around stock cr u will be fine bud
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    best cr for 1.6 bar td05

    U wont get any problems polishing intake side.
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    speedvision cams

    Speedvision.cps is where u get them. For the price there not bad. Thats if u can get them to fit.
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    wheres this car now

    Think it animalgt off here's.
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    at long last my engine is built. away to cmb now:)

    x2 very knowledgeable guy, only guy i trust with my cars.
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    Wheres all the enthusiasts gone? - old timer

    Am still here just cant be arsed posting, as every thread turns into a debate/rant about whos right. To many people copy and paste from google etc.
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    Best place to get my engine forged ?

    x2 but if u want the best theres a certain someone in greece
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    special import law for small number plates/DVLA email with special rules and sizes

    its not road legal sizes mate, wheres the boarder? its not the right shape, the letters look to be too close to the sides of plate, and its at a angle that would give off glare. the car should not have passed a mot with a plate like that to start with. taking them to court will likly see you...
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    white gt breaking loads of parts available part 1&2

    pm me ur bank details bud, and il send you some pennys;) any pics of that turbo?