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    Hi, am currently looking for Starlet Gt MK1 (Square headlights) Eyebrows..Any help guy? I'm from Mauritius,

    If you PM me your address I can get a quote from parcel2go. No idea on the price so just make me an offer.
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    Hi, am currently looking for Starlet Gt MK1 (Square headlights) Eyebrows..Any help guy? I'm from Mauritius,

    I have these if Jay can't find his. The condition isn't great (they were on my track car) and have had previous repairs. No idea what they are worth.
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    Post a pic of your car as it sits right now.

    This is mine at the moment. Selling the house to buy something with a large garage so I can get her rebuilt. Hate seeing her like this and can't wait to drive her again.
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    Back after a long break

    Hey mate, long time no see. How is married life treating you? Going with a tried and tested setup for reliability. Can't wait to race her again.
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    Back after a long break

    Hi All I have been away for about 3 years but now I am back. I still have my GT but she has been parked up after I blew the engine on a track day. She has been with me for about 7 years and I will never sell up, but I was getting bored of seeing her sat on the drive doing nothing so I am...
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    Rolling Road Day/Open Day @ Tuning Developments 29/10/11

    I will be popping up from Birmingham. Not got the Starlet on the road so I will be in the Altezza.
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    Dolphin Aero GI Carbon Bonnet

    For sale: Dolphin Aero GI Carbon Bonnet Item Condition: Used, This was up for sale before but I decided at the time not to sell. I have now decided to strip the car so it is up for sale again. This is a very very light carbon bonnet. This is a full carbon bonnet and not half fibreglass like...
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    Emanage Blue with Field Harness (ep82)

    For sale:Emanage Blue with Field Harness (ep82) Item Condition:Used, couple of scratches but fully working. Price and price conditions: £300 delivered to the UK. Add 4% if paying by paypal. Extra Info: This has been taken straight off my Sprint Series MK1 Ep82. The car was running a...
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    Nurburgring this weekend

    I will be there too with some of the Toyota Sprint Series crew. Check out the bars around the area and you might find us. ;-)
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    *sponsorship for 2011 sprint series car*

    I will do that for free mate. ;-) Good to see you back Greg, just a shame I wont be in class B this year. Roll on Rockingham.
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    driving in the snow, police fines and points

    It is happening. A member on here has already been done for this in a starlet. I wont say who becuase its not up to me.
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    ###T M Developments~TSS Class B champions 2010###

    And me ;-) Although I only managed two races this year. You racing again next year or you taking on a different championship Dave?
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    Dolphin Aero Carbon Bonnet EP82

    Sorry I have not updated this sales thread but I have been really busy with work, this is still for sale.
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    mk1 gt questions cig lighter?

    Pic of my 1990 MK1 before I stripped it. You can see the ciggy lighter next to the ashtray.
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    Dolphin Aero Carbon Bonnet EP82

    I met the previous owner at Tuning Developments who bought it off Nightspirit originally. He painted his whole car in the same matt black. I was going to paint it the same colour as my car simply because I don’t like the look of a wrong colour bonnet. Especially with so many chavs copying the...