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    wanted jam or greddy fuel cut

    Have a jam fcd here lad.
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    lowering springs or coilovers in ni

    Have a set of tein 40mm lowering springs here lad.
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    bought a new gt :) here we go, let the fun begin

    All the best with her phil.
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    Speedline SR wheels on a Gt Turbo.

    Here you go phil there a bit loud.
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    your favourite wheels on a Ep82... ?

    Wheels above look like rays gramlights 57fs. I loved my gramlights 57cs on my gt advanced
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    Newbie from N.Ireland

    Welcome along luke.
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    R2R & Bangor Meet 16th March

    Was close alright great days crack great to meet up with everyone. Roll on the better weather for the next one.
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    R2R & Bangor Meet 16th March

    1. Browntrout 2. Jay 3.hookie663 Not for the r2r just meet 4. weeJohn 5. Spud 6. Marty 7.ted 8.Tom
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    Sacodetoro broke down.

    Just making sure you got home alright fella. Good talking till you hope you get her sorted.
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    EP91 Wiper Linkage

    I have a set here stu. Let me know if your interested.
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    Anyone have a greddy profec a boost controller?

    Here's what i have. I was thinking i could just wire the two together to see if its working.
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    Anyone have a greddy profec a boost controller?

    Need help have been given a profec boost controller the one with the pop out knob that can be set from 0 to 2.0 bar of boost. The harness has been cut after the plug on the solenoid/ start of the harness. If any one could help me with pictures/info in making a harness would be great to see if it...
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    how i spent my christmas morning!

    I am feeling your pain mate. I am going out after dinner to start putting my engine back in. I am lost with out my gt lol.
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    **recaro sr3** seat or seats

    Here is a pic of mine not for sale matey but just to help out.
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    I paid 1800 for mine. But when enzo was bringing them in it was round 2250-2450 or soon on the road for them.