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    Been a few years since I was here....

    THANK UUUUU!!! Guys it feels so good to have this back up and running (both site and car) Just changed the drop links today, also fit a new bigger rad, sprayed my greddy strut bar cusco blue (near enough lol) New tyres are coming. FMI about to be ordered tonight. TOAD Ai606 due to be fitted...
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    still here. still jdm.

    still here. still jdm.
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    Where's all the old school boys gone?!

    still got mine...
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    Been a few years since I was here....

    SOOOO happy to see this site back and running. My soul died a little when my then friend told me it had been AWOL for a while. Still got my same 1992 ep82 from when I first posted here. Ive actually just fitted new ht leads, dizzy cap rotar arm and new batt today and she started like a dream...
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    ep82 exhaust manifold wanted please

    As above need a new exhaust manifold with no cracks and for an ep82 1992. Can't get my turbo on without one. Thanks Kady x
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    Ep82 2x rear disc brakes needed, non abs rear only plz

    Hello All, Just bought mintex pads and seen that my rear discs are so scorched i cant replace the pads without the discs so i am asking for a good set of low milage disc brakes. REAR DISC BRAKES ONLY PLEASE - EP82 1992 NON ABS
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    plastic steering wheel surround/cover/case

    hey has he got it? x