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    Matrix trouble

    replaced my matrix with a second hand unit little over a month ago an it's just blown again i also replaced thermo stat at same time. any ideas whats causing the matrix to blow?? all help/advice much appreciated
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    Bad Times :'(

    well it really is gut wrenching to say this but my ep has came to the end of it's road. due to issues with work an my position in the company i work for i haven't much of a choice other than break my ep and clear my debts, as i'll get more than sellin as a whole, plus i wouldn't want any1 else...
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    Greddy boost gauge help???

    need help my gauge isn't working :( it's not reading boost and just constantly flashing the warning light? it's a 60mm 1 with peak an warming functions. all info/help will be repped :cool:
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    Pods or no pods???

    lookin for opinions on interior i'm having my dash and a pillar trims flocked. my prob is i hav a gauge pod on the a pillar already and i wanna add another 3 gauges to the interior but don't wanna do more on a pillar do i? a. buy a triple gauge universal pod that sits on top of dash an put it...
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    ep91 heater matrix N.I.

    as above lookin local if possible if not i'll tak 1 from mainland
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    BOV swap? N.I.

    i'm after a greddy type s for a swap for my hks ssqv ver2 i hav original instructions an box the efi bung is still in packaging an original mounting bracket is there aswell. will also listen to other offers but i'm pretty set on the greddy
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    road legal track tyres

    a little write for member's as i work in the trade i thought i'd share :p road legal track tyres are currently in the firing line of EU. such tyres as TOYO R888 DUNLOP DIREZZA YOKOHAMA A048R AVON (UNSURE OF MODEL, SIMILAR PATTERN TO R888) KUMHO V70A i could go on as theres...
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    clutch or gearbox??

    rite i think it's my box but starting to wonder is it the clutch :confused: so i'll giv a breif run down of the cars behaviour an see what you all think. at idle: reverse is a no go i hav to turn car off then select reverse to save the embaresment 1st can sometime be a rite cunt to get...
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    gearbox part no.s??

    i'm after part numbers for synchro's/bearing ect. for a gearbox complete overhaul as my 2/3/rev are doin my nut plus i've got a lsd for it to :rockon: rep for all info
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    little miss lisburn omniplex

    2nite in omniplex car park i was sittin in my v an chris141 in his white v beside me. car looks well i really want ur wheels and ur cage :haha:
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    bit lost?

    my battery went dead yesterday an don't know why? now none of the fans are working rad/heater(inside) checked all fuses an nothin blown? how wud u know if a relay is gone?
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    t3 turbo?

    seen an externally gated kit goin for good money brand new to suit a starlet any1 any experience with a garret t3? asking as my oil seals are on there way out an i'm gonna spend £300-£400 on a hybrid anyway as i wouldn't put a 2nd hand ct9 in as it'll probly end up the same way and i'd rather...
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    little miss antrim n.i

    seen you when i was waitin on a lift outside antrim court, ur little v looks nicer in the flesh needs cleaned tho :p
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    Scumbags !!!!

    some cunt stole my sisters eg6 from the drive last nite. it was on the drive wit my car at door sisters behind an a vw lt35 van behind that an they still got it out :mad: think they used neighbours drive to get it out. my only worry wat if they were after my starlet or what if they come back for...
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    white 98 v dungannon

    at around 10.30 passing the bp garage headin for m1. livesports lip, jam skirts,bk bumper an spoiler
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    TOM'S lovers

    theres a 350mm toms dished steering wheel on ebay an current bid is only £19.99:p say's it's suits starlet ep91 but should fit ep82. just tho i'd let ya all know oww an it's in japan
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    this is pissin me off an need2 know. car is stickin in 1,2,3,4(mainly 1,2) when comin down gears an grindin on full throttle shiftin up, reverse is also a no go most of the time it'll grind it's nuts off tryna go in an thats at idle :confused:. wat wud be possible causes? 1. low on oil 2. too...
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    black gt downpatrick

    tom's front, livesport wing. around 11 on thursday morning headin into downpatrick?
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    need advice?

    need help :(. basically i got my insurance threw a broker (i won't disclose names as of yet to keep myself rite) on takin out my policy with a company they had sourced i asked as i always dodoes this fully cop policy cover me to drive othacars wit similar policy 3rd party wit owners permission...
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    alan-lee spotted

    kelly's car park on say nite?