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  1. Rondon

    What's it worth?

    Hi, Looking for some advice, I have a Glanza v automatic 44k Tein springs Impreza front seats Stainless steel exhaust Yosei alloys with Yokohamas. Brand New front mount I/C and fitting kit. I paid 3500 a few months ago...I need to get rid due to wife. I'm in Glasgow area....if anyone...
  2. Rondon

    Tuning Automatic

    Alright Folks, My Glanza has an auto box due to having arthritis. I'm wanting a piggy back or standalone. The guy at Motorsport Electronics said that he didn't think it worked on automatics. I was considering an emanage but read a lot of negative comments. Has anyone tried a piggyback or...
  3. Rondon


    Hi Folks, Is buying a Blue emanage from eBay that's been used before....ok to use? Or is a ME211 a better anyone using either? Anyone live near Glasgow that knows some where to get tuning done. Anyone using any other stand alone or piggy back? Cheers folk Ronza
  4. Rondon

    Catch can/ front mount intercooler

    Alright Folks, Hope all are well. I got a front mount intercooler, what silicone and aluminium pipes do you need to fit it? Also what AN fittings do you need to fit rocker cover to fit a catch can? Cheers Rondon Mac Daddy
  5. Rondon

    GLANZA v Decals

    Howdi Folks, Could some kind soul, advise on measurements for fitting OEM size Glanza decals? Cheers thank funk it's Friday Ronz
  6. Rondon

    Livesport rear spoiler

    Hi Folks, Anyone know where I can get a livesport rear spoiler. Can you only map a Glanza if you have a piggyback ECU? Is there anywhere you can get a workshop Merc EPC software? Or pdfs? Seen a few screen grab exploded parts diagrams on posts. Hope all are well. Cheers Ronz
  7. Rondon

    GLANZA dashboard

    Hi, Just got Glanza on Sunday. I think (see other post). Can anyone tell me what all the buttons are? There's one center top with turbo ..low? On right side of wheel there are buttons called PWR and MANU what are these for? Any other info much appreciated. The back window and rear side...
  8. Rondon

    GLANZA v5

    Hi Folks, I've wanted a Glanza for ages bought one at weekend seller drove it up to Scotland. The V5 doesn't say Glanza the vin starts EP91. It comes up as a 1.3 Starlet Sportif. The seller says loads imports have incorrect details so they can insure it cheaper. I'm concerned I've bought a...
  9. Rondon

    GLANZA vin

    Hi Folks, Need some advice asap. How do I check that a Glanza is a genuine Glanza, is there an identifier on the vin number? Where is the Vin plate. I'm getting my first Glanza this evening and I want to check it is definitely a Glanza and not a Starlet mocked up or a ringer. I'd really...
  10. Rondon


    Alright Folks, Im in the process of buying a Glanza as a toy to tune..not my daily drive, so I'll probably do you box in with questions. If you could recommend any resources about tuning and where you can get parts like front mount i/c and if a blue emanage is required to get the benefit from...
  11. Rondon

    Last release Glanza head lights

    Hi Can anyone advise where I can get the headlights off the last Glanza release or after market led lights. New to Glanzas any advice of good retailers for Glanza parts and tuning parts. Any advice on first mods... Thanks Ronnie
  12. Rondon

    GLANZA 4wd

    Hi, Do you get a factory built 4wd? I've seen one for sale. I was told by someone they don't exist, the dealership said it has not been modded and they imported it. Does anyone know ? Thanks R
  13. Rondon

    Cherry popping - First Time Posting - Newbie Aka Dafty

    Alright Folks, I jus going the forum Today. This is my first ever post in this Forum! I no hew-haw magro about Toyota's, so hopeful this place can help me to get a better idea and some banter!!! My names Ronnie 44, I life in Scotland with my Wife (Debz) and my 2 daughters - Eva 8 (got...