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    Detonator V - Boosted 4EFE

    wouldn't be the 1st engine to pop under that bonnet ehh jay :haha: giv her plenty :drive:
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    The Jay's Garage Appreciation Thread

    Big thank to jay for checkin fuelin and otha parts 2day, crackin day for the run down2. will keep you posted on how she behavs once i've her serviced ect
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    How strong are Glanza rods

    about as strong as a cadbery's finger :p they'll tak 15psi tops. the difference in thickness to gt rods is shockin soo much more beef on them
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    A guide to fit an aftermarket Quaife LSD

    good write up mate, a few people on here lookin this. should be made a sticky repped :rockon:
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    Matrix trouble

    small update fitted a new thermo housin from toyota as the threads for my bleed nut was abit run and also fitted new water temp gauge sensor and water fan control sensor flushed the system an is all good just to get matrix off aidan an all back to normal. thanx for help lads rep all round
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    dont you just love BIGGGGG cams....

    fook me that sounds sick, wish my ep sounded lik that. nice work
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    Dave Burwash manifold, (seccond one)

    correct me if i'm wrong but in the second pic is there not a hair line crack around the weld were the runners meet the turbo flange??
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    what else would i need with this? emanage

    if your planning on running above 1bar you wil also need the 3bar map sensor apart from that fitted an mapped from what i can see
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    Matrix trouble

    no probs mate drop me a pm or text when u've it out thanx
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    Matrix trouble

    it would mak sense wouldn't it? i'll order one from toyota 2mora see how i get on will be down as soon as i can for that matrix aidan, thanx again
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    Matrix trouble

    would tak the skin off your hand aidan, thermo is definately opening just bridged two wires from fan to battery an fans working fine so i'm thinkin water temp sensor which is why temp gauge ain't workin an fan not comin on when it should???
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    Matrix trouble

    bypassed the matrix there an now my water temp gauge ain't goin up? bled the system but still nothing an fan not coming on? maybe why the matrix blew in the 1st place? i didn't notice the temp when matrix blew last night just turned it off an towed home incase i caused more damage drivin it...
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    Matrix trouble

    morning bump, any one shed there opinion on this much appreciated
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    Breaking Glanza. All parts will be for sale.

    any chance of the heater matrix and thermo housing aidan??
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    Matrix trouble

    i don't know mate it's abit weird goin so soon 1 afta another in abut 6 weeks!! surely it can't be coincidence? rad cap is fine
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    Matrix trouble

    replaced my matrix with a second hand unit little over a month ago an it's just blown again i also replaced thermo stat at same time. any ideas whats causing the matrix to blow?? all help/advice much appreciated
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    im a bit scared after i see this

    luck wouldn't be in it, any1 watch the evo comin off the dyno (top right of the page) i would literaly cry then beat the fuck outta the noob that strapped it down :slap:
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    N Ireland Xmas meet?

    car passed mot abut 10mins ago but by the skin of its shit apparent a rear fog must be higher than 250mm from the ground an me bein me rolls up in the v wit not a thread showin on the coily's :freddy: . passed me anyways tho so count me in
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    N Ireland Xmas meet?

    only transport that i hav unfortunately john, and the other half is given me it in the neck cus she's sick of cartin my arse abut lol. will see how i get on an let ya's know