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  1. NosydneW

    4EFTE TPS Sensor 4 pin ( Auto )

    For sale: Automatic Throttle position sensor 4 pins Item Condition: used but perfect condition Price and price conditions: 45 euro plus shipping Extra Info: Nice to have when upgrading ecu to a standalone system. This has extra signal pin which can read percentage of...
  2. NosydneW

    APEXI POWER FC EP82 4EFTE / Commander + 3 bar MAP + DataLogit Kit

    For sale: Apexi Power FC Compleet Kit Item Condition: - Apexi Power FC main unit + ep82 harness used but in perfect condition. - Handheld commander Brand new. comes with box - Apexi 3 bar MAP sensor used but in good condition. ( wire in type) - FC DATALogit kit complete. used from new so...
  3. NosydneW

    EP85/95 right axle wanted

    I know it will be difficult but does any body have a driver side (RIGHT) axle for a 4wd Starlet? My inner cv-joint broke and axle end gearbox side is damaged. Inner CV-joint Spider bearings will not slide on the axle splines and circlip cannot be placed anymore to secure it on the axle...
  4. NosydneW

    Cold start and idle problems with aftermarket throttlebody/ intake mani

    I'm running a bigger intake manifold and bigger aftermarket throttle body which doen't have the intake air control valve fitted on the bottem. I had to do acustom job to fit the oem TPS. Problem is.... Car won't idle on cold start until engine is warmed up.can won't rev smoothly pass 2k...
  5. NosydneW

    Black OIL from Downpipe

    :(I bought a Godzilla turbo from a member. Turbo is supossed to be in good conditon. yesterday I started this turbo kit for the first time after installing the kit. It just idled a few minutes and after that I see black oil ( with maybe some coolant) comming from my downpipe. Checked oil...
  6. NosydneW

    COILOVERS wanted

    Anybody has a used set of coilovers for gt or glanza in good condition? cheap and must be shipped to the netherlands. let me know thanks
  7. NosydneW

    HRF Inner shim kit SOLID BUCKETS 4EFTE 9500RPM

    For sale: Brand NeW HRF INNER SHIM KIT Item Condition: NEW and RARE Price and price conditions: 400 euro Extra Info: WANT TO REV HIGH WITHOUT splitting shims ?? HRF VALVE SPRINGS HRF RETAINERS HRF SOLID SHIMLESS BUCKETS 9000RPM ALL THE WAY !! You will not get the chance to...
  8. NosydneW

    MSD ignition with 2 step + Apexi Power FC

    If running an Apexi Power FC standalone, is it possible to install a MSD ignition setup? Like MSD 6AL2 or MSD Digital 6 ? Reason I am asking this is because the Power FC uses the oem coil and ignitor. When using a MSD unit you will have to hardwire the MSD into the oem iginition system. I...
  9. NosydneW

    400bhp setup for sale new + used parts

    NEW GARRETT GT2876R turbo +Used GODZILLA mani/downpipe combo +NEW HRF inner shim kit For sale: BRAND NEW Garrett GT2876R TURBO Item Condition: NEW Price and price conditions: SOLD Extra Info: - 4 bolt T3 - .63 - V-band To Downpipe SEE garrett site for detailed specs Can...
  10. NosydneW

    Welcome to MY HOOD!!
  11. NosydneW

    This is for my hood !!
  12. NosydneW

    Billet cams for sale

    For sale: Billet Camshafts Tm-developments Item Condition: Brand new never installed Price and price conditions: 500 EURO plus shipping Extra Info: Bought these from dave a while ago but never used them on my project. Specs are 265 In / ex and 8.7 lift. These are as you know...
  13. NosydneW

    HRF V300 Inner shim kit install

    The HRF inner shim kit. The package contains: uprated valve springs retainers and buckets. Those buckets are solid on the top of them. So I cannot click the shim on them...That's why it's called an inner shim setup i guess. The oem buckets are a few mm's higher than the HRF...
  14. NosydneW

    Turn lights problems

    my turn lights /hazards don't work anymore. I checked the fuse under tthe steering wheel but it was fine. I think something went wrong when hooking up my head unit. where else can i look for the source of this problem ?
  15. NosydneW

    Good deals needed on a few parts (traders)

    I need a few parts but I want some traders to get me the cheapest prices shipped. -5E oil pump (seal on the block) -255l/hr fuel pump -rrfpr (sard or fse) -sparkplugs (range 7 or 8) -5E cambelt kit If you guys can get me all of these or a few together at cheap prices shipped to the...
  16. NosydneW

    Aftermarket Throttlebody

    A question for people with aftermarket bigger throttlebody. one thing I know is that the tps must be customized to work with the bigger throttle body. But what do you guys do with the thing under the oem thorttlebody with the water and vacuum lines. Can this thing just be left...
  17. NosydneW

    HRF V300 inner shim kit

    Ok guys, Who has some info on the HRF inner shim kit ? This is a very rare package which RHDJAPAN sells at 750euro. It consists of uprated valve springs , buckets, and retainers. It's used when doing the underbucket type shim conversion in the head. anyone using it? or have some info on...
  18. NosydneW

    Wanted...Toga HV oil pump for 5E

    Anybody has a Toga High volume oil pump for 5E ? I have one here that I bocht a few years ago form a member but now I realise it's not the one I need. 5E's has different oil pumps through the engine types. I need a HV oilpump (w/CAL emissions) If possible we can also change is you...
  19. NosydneW

    Forged Pistons 75mm WANTED

    Who can get me some pistons 75mm low compession at good prices shipped? let me know please. thanks
  20. NosydneW

    P&P cylinder head wanted.

    Need a 4efte cylinder head including good port and polish job. Anybody has one or can get heads worked at good prices ? let me know thanks