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  1. NosydneW

    HRF Inner shim kit SOLID BUCKETS 4EFTE 9500RPM

    Long gone my friend.
  2. NosydneW

    4EFTE TPS Sensor 4 pin ( Auto )

    I don't know for sure if you can use it without a bit of rewiring. Most people use it in combi with aftermarket ecu. Someone correct me if im wrong.
  3. NosydneW

    4EFTE TPS Sensor 4 pin ( Auto )

    For sale: Automatic Throttle position sensor 4 pins Item Condition: used but perfect condition Price and price conditions: 45 euro plus shipping Extra Info: Nice to have when upgrading ecu to a standalone system. This has extra signal pin which can read percentage of...
  4. NosydneW

    APEXI POWER FC EP82 4EFTE / Commander + 3 bar MAP + DataLogit Kit

    Price including shipping and paypal fees if applicable
  5. NosydneW

    APEXI POWER FC EP82 4EFTE / Commander + 3 bar MAP + DataLogit Kit

    For sale: Apexi Power FC Compleet Kit Item Condition: - Apexi Power FC main unit + ep82 harness used but in perfect condition. - Handheld commander Brand new. comes with box - Apexi 3 bar MAP sensor used but in good condition. ( wire in type) - FC DATALogit kit complete. used from new so...
  6. NosydneW

    **Aftermarket Parts For Sale - Wepr, Buddyclub, TMD & Greddy**

    Does that buddyclub condensor go off at some point ? cause I see you have to connect it at positive and negative battery terminals so I pressume it will be on at all times. Whatabout battery draining ?
  7. NosydneW

    EP85/95 right axle wanted

    I was thinking to have a billet one made up. But here in the netherlands it would cost me same price as a new unit from toyota. Toyota told me they that Item was not in stock and that I would have to order it ,..complete payment and wait . they did not have an estimated time for delivery...
  8. NosydneW

    EP85/95 right axle wanted

    I know it will be difficult but does any body have a driver side (RIGHT) axle for a 4wd Starlet? My inner cv-joint broke and axle end gearbox side is damaged. Inner CV-joint Spider bearings will not slide on the axle splines and circlip cannot be placed anymore to secure it on the axle...
  9. NosydneW

    Cold start and idle problems with aftermarket throttlebody/ intake mani

    I have the complete Apexi power FC package including datalogit so maybe after tuning it will be better. I just thought that there must be a rpm vs temp adjustment option to fix this problem
  10. NosydneW

    Cold start and idle problems with aftermarket throttlebody/ intake mani

    i have a Apexi Power FC to be fitted when engine is ready to be tuned but don't know if the apexi has that feature ?!?! I was planning to try something like that tho,... using the iacv with some hoses but it needs water plus air.. and trhottle plate will be a difficult task to avoid.
  11. NosydneW

    Cold start and idle problems with aftermarket throttlebody/ intake mani

    I'm running a bigger intake manifold and bigger aftermarket throttle body which doen't have the intake air control valve fitted on the bottem. I had to do acustom job to fit the oem TPS. Problem is.... Car won't idle on cold start until engine is warmed up.can won't rev smoothly pass 2k...
  12. NosydneW

    anyone wants side exit exhaust to suit WEPR td04 kits or ct9 ?

    nice handmade muffler mate,...will be contacting you for a similar style but with 3" inner diameter and enough damping to kill some sound ( if possible)
  13. NosydneW

    ACT extreme - clutch issue? im back in the beast :D

    Any pics of this mod ? Cause I have the same problem won't go into any gear when engine is running. It will just shut the engine down.
  14. NosydneW

    ep95 help please

    I have a done a rear disk conversion on mine !! pain in the *Ss
  15. NosydneW

    400bhp setup for sale new + used parts

    bump,...price drop on the innershim kit and mani is still for sale. turbo is now Sold
  16. NosydneW

    Tragic loss to the starlet world : RIP Dave Burwash!

    RIP Dave,..indeed a tragic loss.
  17. NosydneW

    ***hta gt3582 turbo kit***

    Really tempting now at that price instead of my Godzilla. If only someone would buy my new Gt2876R turbo ...I will snap this up immediately. What is the actual condition of the kit? How much is it used ? and how does all parts look like ? Is that 5K full boost or start spooling ?