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    toyo sport decat

    hi bought a decat and cum to fitting it and noticed its got two sensors on the cat when the decat pipe only has one fitting hole which i think is the lamber sensor help plz would be greatfull
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    is a 40mm drop doable on 14"?
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    40mm drop

    would my glanza ride ok with 17s and a 40mm drop?
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    second port on actuator

    also if fitting a turbo smart boost tee will i need to block off the other port on the actuator thanks for any help:):):):):):)
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    how to set fuel cut level on pneumatic fcd

    hi all purchased a turbo smart fcd pneumatic type and nt too sure how to set it any ideas please :confused::confused:
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    turbosmart pneumatic fuel cut defender and boost tee

    alrite all just purchased a fuel cut defender and boost tee from turbosmart.what kind of boost am i looking at running safely with out modding the fueling system any help plz
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    turbo timer

    anyone gt a diagram to wire up a turbo timer cheers
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    cobra seat rails

    alrite all could anyone tell me where i could get sum seat rails for my glanza to suite cobra seats
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    cv boot replacement

    alrite all need some help plz.i have found that i need to fit 2 new outer cv boots.i have stripped down the wheel, calipper and disc and removed the big 30mm nut on the end of the drive shaft.i have try'd to separate the hub from the drive shaft and its not up for moving plz could someone shed...
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    auto box

    alrite all iam planning to start my build on my 1997 glanza v. the only down side is its an auto ive been told the autos are alot slower than the manuals and if i try put any more power through the box it would blow this is one of my first jap cars and am still learning any help would be great...
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    spark plugs

    alrite all just woundering what are the best plugs to use in my standard glanza v thanks for any help
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    anyone know will an impreza turbo td04 fit on my glanza?
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    intercooler pipe

    alrite all could do with some help please the bottom pipe off the intercooler has a gasket on the flange. the gasket has split and i think its losing preasure. could that be sealed with grade 101 sealant with a made up gasket with thick card or does the gasket need to be heat treated thanks for...
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    automatic box

    alrite guys iam thinking ov modd'n my glanza.ive been told that an automatic box would take around 200bhp is this true or is the guy chattin bubbles?
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    head lights

    alrite ppl does anyone know how to get the yellow tinge out of my plastic glanza head lights or is it time for new? thanks for any help.
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    dash light

    alrite fellas could do with a bit of help if poss. i fitted a bleed valve to my 1997 glanza v ive turned the boost up slightley and have not hit the fuel run fine all yesterday got in my car this morn and a dash light come on and stayed on untill i turned the car off. the light was...
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    bleed valve

    hi all iam new to the site and would like some info on fitting a bleed valve. i have already done the pipe switch to disable the hi/low boost. when reading up on fitting a bleed valve it states if the actuator has more than one port one port needs to be blocked off.i have traced the second...