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    denso direct fit uprated 326cc injectors, denso part number 195500-2150

    What sorta power would be able to achieve with a td04 and other stuff?
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    Clear Out. Injectors - Piston pins - Oil feed bolt.

    Are the injectors sold?
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    belt after air conditioning removal

    Standard starlet with no aircon belt! Some body will tell you a lenght but its not a special order thing!
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    why are starlet GT's so cheap to insure?

    What sorta value did you put on either? I had a 14k 2.0 focus insured fully comp for 900 and to go to a 1.3 shitbox civic it went to 1800 and they told me the value was makin the difference not the risk! A 14k car was less likely to have a door fall off and me claim than a 1500 quid shitvic...
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    TD04 inlet not pointing down ? Pics of setups ?

    On your tdo4 there's a big C clip at the back if the comp housing that'll let you rotate it!
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    Brake pad/disc issues

    I'll not argue with you but I'm right!
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    Brake pad/disc issues

    47771 is your pad wear indicator so it should eventually touch the disc when the pads are near worn out! Where on the inside of the disc is the track bein worn? Outer edge or inner or middle or have you a pic of it? If its the wear indicator in the wrong way it could cause something like your...
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    WEPR toyota starlet CT9 screamer de-cat

    I don't want to use an actual external w/g or change it from stock position too much! I want to safely improve on what's there without too much effort to change back when it's nct time so this decat and a standard (non external w/g) mani seems like it'll do what I'm after! For now...
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    WEPR toyota starlet CT9 screamer de-cat

    Ahh sorry to be scaldy! Appreciate the pic! Just was anxious to know if it was what I want to buy! I'll be havin one of these anyway! Do you do an evenly flowed ct9 manifold or is the one with this down pipe in your sale as good as it gets?
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    WEPR toyota starlet CT9 screamer de-cat

    Any pics for me?
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    WEPR toyota starlet CT9 screamer de-cat

    Can you stick up a pic of the turbo side of it where it separates? Interested in this and a mani in your sale!
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    HKS Exhaust, SS Mani, Cast Mani, CT9/CT12 Hybrid Turbo, RX7 TMIC

    Is the stainless mani still available and how much for postie to Ireland?
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    New from Ireland

    I think I know what yer after and ya need to bin the dump valve and it'll chatted back through the filter! Blank the vac pipe goin to the bov and take a drive! Have ya a boost gauge in it?
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    New from Ireland

    A lad on toc has a set of sa3r for swaps but might sell either! Maybe you're on it and seen them already? Also your vac pipes are arse ways there! Your vac goin to your dump valve is comin from the intake mani goin through the hi/low solenoid and the other one to the actuator is wrong aswell...
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    Help with Photobucket

    When you're already logged in to your own pb acc and you view the link you've posted ere it'll surely show you logged in! It just shows for anyone else that your name uploaded it tho! You're however still using the wrong img code if its just showing a link to the album rather than the pic!
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    High spec TD series turbos

    Vf22 would be smaller and less capable surely! On a Subaru that would be the case anyway! I know of a crowd in America called turbo lab that created a td05 16g with a billet wheel off a 20g all machined and polished in and out! They're decent lads and ya can tell em yer spec and what you want...
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    Need sum help

    If its an ep91 with a squib then I've a lad here that plugs into it so the light works as it should with a replacement wheel! I got it out of a breakers a while back but didn't need it for my car cos I've no squib to my airbag wheel so have no airbag light issue after I put in a new wheel! Not...
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    Clock Boost lights, only two bars?

    Sounds to me like you've too much vac goin to the w/g! Run it from the turbo only and blank the one on the inlet! Simply explained is Too much vac will give you lower boost!
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    knocking noise when turning right & left & a knock from the left HELP asap :)

    Dude did you read above? Says up there it got new ones! A stupid question to ask but is everything buttoned up tight! It's too easy to miss 1 nut or bolt also are the inner cv joints ok? 1 pulled itself out on a mate changing coilovers and one of the bearings came off and dropped into the boot!
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    wont boost over .5...

    Do you know what the duty is set at now? When the actual boost is lower that what you've set it to then you need to set the duty higher than it is! Your external wg spring rate will predict your range of adjustment with the avcr but I think a 1bar spring (if that's what you have) should be ok!