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    Delete thread pls

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    Blitz K1-200v

    Got it from Japan. Has a little shaft play. 450 pounds. Ship worldwide
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    Apexi Power FC

    Thinking of buying and mapping Apexi Power FC. Now i'm running JAM A/T Ecu, but wanna go for Apexi. by the way i bought blitz k1-200v turbo. Also i have FMIC, 2,5 Exhaust, Aftermarket Decat and manifold. So, there is the question, is it possible to get around 190 bhp with proper mapping...
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    JAM (Probably) P&P ECU A/T Transmission

    Probably it's JAM.Has no stickers on it. Has an additional board inside. Currently running on my car. CT9 1bar. 8000 rev limiter, 1.2 bar, etc. It's quite rare because it's for Auto transmisson. Want about 450 pounds for it.
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    Few questions about E-manage blue.

    Hello. I'm planning to install EMB on my car.I read a lot of information on this forum but i still have some questions. My specs are: Stock 4efte ct9 ~2.5 inches decat exaust. HDI FMIC Relocated airfilter. HKS adjustable actuator Auto-transmission. So, is it possible to get about ~190 SAFE(not...
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    Hello from Russia ;)

    Hello, i am Glanza V owner from Russia. Chelyabisnk. (The region where meteorite fell) My English isn't perfect :) But i can speak a little. Hope, i'll get some usefull information here :) I dreamed about Glanza for last ~2 years.But it's a problem to find real "Alive" starlet. I found this...