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  1. Calum122

    Engine Removal

    @Djaniero Well I just dismantled the engine in situe and then removed the block crank by hand after it lost most of its weight. Was easy enough for such a small engine without a crane. So to clarify, I dismantled the head from the car and removed all ancillaries, leaving the crank and bottom...
  2. Calum122

    Power Steering With Engine Swop??????

    I swapped out the power assisted rack in my EP82 for the UK EP80 rack. Kept the height adjustable JDM column though :p
  3. Calum122

    Gearbox synchros?

    Few members have used a Corolla 6 speed box. @FunnyOnion on UKSO IIRC.
  4. Calum122

    basic upgrades

    I fitted a set of these: I'd say it's more on the technical side of things, but a well worth upgrade over the stock look. Probably gained a few extra ponies from this mod too.
  5. Calum122

    4age swap in Ep82

    Should look like this when it's in.
  6. Calum122

    Well deserved

    It's alright @SKINY you don't have to pretend to dislike it....we won't make fun of you :p
  7. Calum122

    Well deserved

    One day...I'll get away :D
  8. Calum122

    Impact Wrench for DIY Mechanic

    Oh dear :( I have a 3/8th Snap On Impact gun, 300ish Nm. I mainly do motorbikes, it's small and has been fine for me. Although yeah, for the money I paid for it perhaps you're right. I distinctly remember it struggling to take the bolts off the top mount on my MX5 :eek:
  9. Calum122

    C160 gearbox problem

    They look similar to the clips that hold the brake lines in. If you're struggling to find the clips, then it might be worth trying one of the Hel replacements...
  10. Calum122

    Conrod bearings

    Worth mentioning too, I believe Toyota just use repackaged TAIHO bearings. Toyota are not in the business of making bearings, they make cars, and I'm led to believe TAIHO are...
  11. Calum122

    Holiday to Japan???

    Will be interested in seeing what you end up doing @dac69er It's probably too rich of a country to fulfil in merely one trip. Whether it's the mountainous regions, Touges, Tsukaba Raceway, the Temples, the Cities or the multitude of other things there are to do in the JapLand.
  12. Calum122

    Merry Christmas 2023

    Sorry to hear about losing your job @SKINY that sucks! Wish you well looking for a new job!
  13. Calum122

    Merry Christmas 2023

    Merry Belated Christmas and Happy New Year in case I miss that one too!
  14. Calum122

    Turbo spool question?

    My brothers Starlet, runs a hybrid TD04 on stock internals, is probably similar. For daily use this makes it quite ideal, since it's off boost 90% of the time, but the car has never been a daily and I think he appreciated driving my stock CT9 as it was just more responsive. I wanted to go...
  15. Calum122

    Lower control arms

    They just looked like they needed blasting and powdercoating....
  16. Calum122

    Question for anyone with Hel braided lines?

    Yeah not sure if I had a proper photo... But I am sure they are mounted to the hub.
  17. Calum122

    Finally got my forged build mapped

    CLEAN! I'd say 260 is good and with regards to doing it cheaper....this engine should be bullet proof by the sounds of things. So long as your warm it up nicely it should batterable all day. Very jealous that looks to be like a good heap of fun!
  18. Calum122

    New house :)

    @SKINY Next time just post that last photo! That makes it look sketch as FACK! I had to examine the photos in more detail just to be sure you weren't crazy lol.
  19. Calum122

    Which crankshaft to use in a 4e/5e hybrid built?

    Turn up the stereo :cool: Chances are, if you're replacing a bearing at the time of knock, the damage is already done and it'll need a regrind and oversized shell installed.
  20. Calum122

    Toolbox corner

    I always found the cheap brake flaring kits no good. Maybe it was just the way I was using it, but I found it tend to favour one side more than the other, meaning I had to reverse the tool and recrimp. I ended up getting a Snap On one and did not have this issue afterwards.