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  1. robbie_g

    suspension set up

    how do you set up after market suspension properly for your car, how do you work out if enough stroke, bound & rebound etc etc ... ie. cusco height & damper adjustable thanks in advance sorry if there a section for this , please move if so 7 if answered , couldnt find it
  2. robbie_g

    *****rhdjapan members warning*****

    GOT THIS FROM ANOTHER FORUM , SO NOT FROM ME AND IF IN WRONG SECTION FEEL FREE TO MOVE ************* I just got an email from RHDJapan. They gave everyone a new password because of the new updated site but not only did the email contain my new password but it contains the password of EVERY...
  3. robbie_g

    spooted kinda ( i think)LOL

    spotted kinda ( i think)LOL im about 99% sure i seen this car here on this site but its a white glanza ,white rote slipstream's , silver star stickers along the side . girl owner . is featured in the back of banzai page 126. love the car too :rockon: also a few more cars from here in...
  4. robbie_g

    greddy map sensor

    hi all am looking for one off these (see above) for a ep91 , to work with a e-manage ultimate ecu ?? if some one has one for sale or can point me in the right direction would be great thanx :rockon: