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    What Honda were replacing NSX with

    Right,here is one really big rreason why the recession stinks... This is what Honda were planning on replacing the legendary NSX with,they call it the HSV-10.Just look at it,although admittedly this is the racecar version off it but still...
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    New Tests for NCT

    Just wondering if any off the Irish people on here know when the new tests concerning the noise level off the exhaust for the NCT are going to be enforced? What level will the exhaust be allowed to be before it fails? This thread moght be in the wrong section,if it is mods feel free to...
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    Love to be passenger in this!!

    Could you imagine having spin in something like this,would take ages for your face to return to normal from the G's...:rockon:
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    Places that sell Jap Parts

    Does anyone have any links for somewhere that sells parts for Jap cars in UK,Northern Ireland? My brother needs to get wheel bearing for his S15 and local dealer wants over 400Euro for one!!Thought might be cheaper trying to get one from place in UK Thanks for any help..
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    Tailgating,Nascar style

    This is some crazy ass driving You would be well sick if you were in the car at the front,few more metres and he was across the line
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    Oh dear GOD!!

    Some people should never be let near cars if they have too much money and not enough taste.. I would'nt even give him a wheelbarrow!!
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    New breed of car,HyunLambo

    This is what happens when a low slung wedge off a supercar is driven by a dumbass and forgets to brake..Imagine if it was the convertable :p Least the Lambos door still opens :haha:
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    Modified Motors Show

    Just wondering if any off the Irish lads went to the Modified Motors show in the RDS over the weekend? Was it any good..
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    Now this is a van

    Taalk about going to lot off work,but well worth it :rockon:
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    P**sed off with this place

    I know the whole country is in right fuck*n mess at the minute and there is not much sign off it getting any better any time soon.. Just heard today that the unemployment rate is now 11%!!We've gone from 4.5% for last 8 years to now the 4th highest rate in the EU,every day 1000 people are...
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    Godzilla is Back

    Anyone in Porsche 911 Turbo/GT2 better look out,theres a Godzilla about :rockon: Looks savage in that dark purple..Brakes cost $50,000 crazy but they seem to be well worth it. Hope my 6...
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    Fast Car on EBay

    Might put small bid on this.. :haha::haha:Not the prettiest thing on four wheels!!
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    Ultimate garage..

    Check this out,all that is missing is Bugatti Veyron what a garage!! Would'nt have believed there would be this many super/hyper cars in Hong Kong
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    God bless 4WD!!

    Check this out..crazy stuff :eek: Wonder if he broke the 8 minute barrier :haha:
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    Bike Opinions?

    Was just thinking off getting mountain bike again after many lazy years away from one...:p I know there are lot off bikers on this site so wonderin if anybody could suggest good bike to get? Something round the middle of the road would probably do,certainly nothing costing few thousand...
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    Dont read this if you dont wanna know who The Stig really is...

    Couldn't beleive this when I heard this today.... I know everyone wanted to know who the man behind the black visor and white helmet was but I think they should have still kept it secret!!
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    Anyone ever used anything like Sard Cat?

    Just wondering if anyone has used anything like the Sard cat in their cars instead off OE one or none at all? Just need to look into getting one to pass the NCT and the OE one wont fit onto the downpipe anymore since changed the turbo and manifold.. By looking at the pictures on the Sard...