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  1. BoostJunkie

    Forged Mk 1 GT Turbo

    Ok selling my unfinished project mk1 gt due to seeing a new toy i can get, problem being i now live overseas (Canada) and the GT is back home in Scotland got the engine up and running and literally moved here weeks after (that was 3 years ago), the original plan was once in a better position...
  2. BoostJunkie

    Wepr TD05H 16G Turbo

    For Sale: Item Condition: Price and Conditions: 500 pounds + postage Extra Info: Brand new never been used, has the td04 footprint so will work with td04 mani/ decat Pictures: Contact Details: PM Location: Glasgow Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: Royal mail
  3. BoostJunkie

    High idle

    Ok guys i'm alittle lost one this one and need this sorted quickly as the gt is booked in for mapping on friday. Problem is the lowest i can get my idle is at 1200 i have adjusted the idle screw (it is wound in as far as it can go) and i have adjusted the tps ????? Cheers Colin. P.s...
  4. BoostJunkie

    Fse Rrfpr

    ok lads got the gt back up and running yesterday was idling a bit high (due to tps plug pulled out and forgot to put back on) then it cut out and wouldn't start first thought it was the efi fuse but had a spare tried that today still not firing up, checked the fuel pump working fine so don't...
  5. BoostJunkie

    td04l water lines

    Guys just wondering is there a particular way the water lines need to be connected up or can i connect any of the hoses anywhere on the thermo housing where they connect to? cheers Colin
  6. BoostJunkie

    wepr td04 ramhorn mani

    ok guys got a slight problem need ideas i have one of sachas awesome new ramhorn td04 mani's but have a problem with the oil return pipe to the sump cause the turbo is pointing with the compressor housing slightly pointing to the front the pipe fouls the oil filter housing so we cut it and...
  7. BoostJunkie

    essex ep

    Bought a short shifter from him was very quick on delivery pleasure to deal with would do business again ;) thank you mate Colin
  8. BoostJunkie

    TD04 Ramhorn Mani & decat

    Just to say i received my mani and decat yesterday and really was blown away by the work gone into them wepr really are a credit to the starlet scene and will defo do business with them again ;) Thanks sacha :D Colin.
  9. BoostJunkie

    Strange Problem

    Alrite guys i have a couple of issues i need to deal with on the gt. it started off with at idle my afr's would jump to between 16-17 but when throttle was applied and moving it would return to normal, i changed air temp sensor never done a thing so was advised to change water temp sensor so...
  10. BoostJunkie

    fuelling prob

    Right guys the other day i started noticing that once i switch the ignition off and let it run on the turbo timer it was reading lean on my wideband (innovate). But now its starting to run lean a lot now even at idle at a junction say, but once moving its ok, its done 4000 miles since i rebuilt...
  11. BoostJunkie

    Tm - Developments

    Site seems to be down ? was gonna order the lightweight crank pulley today aswell need one asap.
  12. BoostJunkie

    GT and aftermarket parts

    For sale: 35mm unbranded external wastegate Item Condition: good condition Price and price conditions: £50 + postage and 4% paypal fees Extra Info: only used a couple of miles taking gt to and from mot just after forged rebuild Pictures: [/IMG] Contact Details: PM Location...
  13. BoostJunkie

    innovate wideband

    ok guys got an innovate wideband fitted to the gt and using the db gauge with it now it lights up and flashes 7.4 on the screen and keeps flashing i start the engine it continues to do so not giving me a reading of the afr ? wired up the calibration switch with the led done all the...
  14. BoostJunkie

    Apexi avcr

    right guys found a useful setup guide for the avcr on here never set one up before, but my problem is i've just rebuilt my gt and cant set the boost on it correctly as it says how to ^,because obviously it aint been run in yet is...
  15. BoostJunkie

    standard ct9 turbo

    as above need a standard ct9 in good condition no shaft play or cracks in the wastegate. cheers colin
  16. BoostJunkie


    Is this happening with anyone else when i put in my search engine my anti virus "avast" is throwing up a virus warning ?
  17. BoostJunkie

    rear light

    i have a problem with my rear light and license plate light plus the instrument lights (i.e speedo and rev) they have all stopped and don't know where to begin all fuses are fine checked on for the diagrams for the relays and the diagrams have been removed so i aint sure which relays...
  18. BoostJunkie

    Emanage blue base map

    Hello guys need to ask q i bought an emb for my gt but it was previously mapped for a civic now i'm guessing that once hooked up to my gt it wont start (is this right), if so how do i go about getting it setup up so that it will run off the standard settings within the 4efte ecu. will...
  19. BoostJunkie

    rear abs calipers for ep82

    i'm after the rear calipers for my gt as mot is up and i need it back on the road asap. cheers. colin
  20. BoostJunkie

    a/c switch

    hello folks i have a slight problem i have a high idle on my 92 :gt-logo, ran the self diagnostic it gave me error code 51 which is a/c switch is turned on but i dont have a/c any more as someone who had it before me cowboyed it and just sawed off the pipes at the bulkhead the pump is still...