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  1. L900CMC

    Glanza s parts

    Howdy people, havnt been on in a long time, just bought first house so up to my eyes! The misses broke down this morning and the car needs o/s/r stub axle, hub and backplate Anyone breaking anything at the mo? Any help greatly appreciated Chris
  2. L900CMC

    SVA Imports

    Good or bad? Done a quick search with no results Cars seem clean but we all know how pictures can deceive!
  3. L900CMC

    Quick question about shoes

    Anyone know if the glanza s auto shoes are different from the uk starlets? Any help much appreciated Chris
  4. L900CMC


    Needing a decent box for a glanza or someone in ni who is good and resonable priced at rebuilding them,car doesnt like staying in 3rd and ive been told its the sychromesh? Thanks Chris
  5. L900CMC

    GTA4 Extra content download

    Anyone heard anything about this? Ive searched the net but cant find much info, only that it has been confirmed for ps3 but delayed?
  6. L900CMC

    HSBC security team??

    Anyone else get one of these? I dont even have an account with them! Security message from You have 1 new Message Alert! Access your account to resolve the problem. We reserve the right to terminate all privileges of your account indefinitly, as it may have been used...
  7. L900CMC


    Anyone know if the uk alternator plug is the same as the japanese ones,can get hold of new uk one but they dont list import and toyota are looking 318 plus vat for it!! Any help much appreciated Chris
  8. L900CMC

    ***NEEDED*** Alternator

    As above need a fookin alternator for an EP91, Toyota are looking 318 plus vat retail. Any help much appreciated Chris
  9. L900CMC

    Need some screws

    As above need some screws for the trim around the steering column if anyone has any lying around, think its 4 or 5,wifes motor got the last of mine Chris
  10. L900CMC

    Fear 2

    Anyone downloaded the demo? It seems like it will be very good!
  11. L900CMC

    Merry Christmas

    Not going to be on again for a while so just want to wish everyone a very merry christmas and happy new year :beer: Chris
  12. L900CMC

    Tom Clancy's End War

    Downloaded the demo and really like it,its something different and reminds me of command and conquer from years ago. Another game to add to the list,theres so many I want atm
  13. L900CMC

    rying to move members car thread over

    Im trying to move my thread over but when I try to access my members car page I keep getting this message? Not Found The requested URL /showthread.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the...
  14. L900CMC

    Was in a crash

    Sitting stationary in traffic on the motorway and bang then shunt,2 cars into the back of me.Her excuse to the cops was she was looking at the signs!!! At the time i felt sorry for her and the police said they wernt prosecuting her but then i thought if that was me in the glanza id get screwed...
  15. L900CMC


    Parcel arrived today sir,super service and it looks brand new,did you actually use it? most appreciated Chris rep added
  16. L900CMC

    Brothers in arms hells highway

    Bought this yesterday and from what ive played it seems very good
  17. L900CMC

    HKS EVC boost controller

    Anyone got any lying around? Chris
  18. L900CMC

    GT logo

    Its good to see the gt logo for new posts lighting up its proper colour Makes me want a mk1:p
  19. L900CMC

    Wanted,4efte rocker cover

    Anyone got one lying about? Any help much appreciated,dont want to have to buy a new one Chris
  20. L900CMC

    PS3 Home

    Been watching a clip of it and it looks very good,read it could go live next month