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  1. L900CMC

    Tragic loss to the starlet world : RIP Dave Burwash!

    just got the email, r.i.p
  2. L900CMC

    Glanza s parts

    Maybe not! Seems the hubs are different and no abs pick up. Rang toyota and they are looking £600 as it only comes as a complete axle. Looks like this one mite go to jap heaven!
  3. L900CMC

    Glanza s parts

    Thats a wrap, thanks for your help johnny, gentleman Chris
  4. L900CMC

    Glanza s parts

    Well what about ye? They most certainly are sir!
  5. L900CMC

    Glanza s parts

    Howdy people, havnt been on in a long time, just bought first house so up to my eyes! The misses broke down this morning and the car needs o/s/r stub axle, hub and backplate Anyone breaking anything at the mo? Any help greatly appreciated Chris
  6. L900CMC

    Zombieland haha

    Very funny film,misses also wasnt too impressed
  7. L900CMC

    Quickest car you've drove been in

    Fastest ive owned is clearly my 1.25 ymaha tuned zetec fiesta:haha: Fastest ive been in so far I think would be VXR8,serious power:rockon:
  8. L900CMC

    SVA Imports

    Thanks for the replys lads appreciate it
  9. L900CMC

    SVA Imports

    Hmmm I was hoping for a different response, anyone else any experience?
  10. L900CMC

    SVA Imports

    Good or bad? Done a quick search with no results Cars seem clean but we all know how pictures can deceive!
  11. L900CMC

    Who's got the fastest ISP?

    Not impressed,will this ever change??? edit just found this Your exchange what’s this? All telecommunications in your area are routed through your local BT Exchange – this is where your broadband service originates. The closer it is to your home, the faster your broadband speed will be...
  12. L900CMC

    Rest in peace TGTT reader

  13. L900CMC

    midnight club L.A ps3

    Wasnt really impressed by the handling of the cars but I suppose its more of an arcade game!
  14. L900CMC

    Hate this crappy weather!

    Sometimes I do wonder why I stay in the uk/ireland :(
  15. L900CMC

    Just had 2 dicks under and overtake me!!

    Each to their own phil haha beat everyone to it!:p
  16. L900CMC

    Just had 2 dicks under and overtake me!!

    Another good one when your at the lights beside a saxo wanting to race is rev your engine too and when he takes off jus pull away from the lights easy as you like,he will feel like a right plank!
  17. L900CMC

    need pics of recaros with the rails fitted.

    Ive mine out of the car atm cleanin them,u2u me 2mo at t time and il get you some pics
  18. L900CMC

    Quick question about shoes

    Did I win the lotto??? If so free petrol for everyone for a year!! You dont owe me anything!
  19. L900CMC

    Quick question about shoes

    Good man jay,appreciate that! :rockon: I still have some alternators of yours and an air filter,il maybe get a run down some weekend?
  20. L900CMC

    Quick question about shoes

    Anyone know if the glanza s auto shoes are different from the uk starlets? Any help much appreciated Chris