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  1. BoostJunkie

    Where's all the old school boys gone?!

    Oh man if only i could get another Starlet but they are hard to come by over here and are not cheap, would swap my 04 wrx wagon for one.
  2. BoostJunkie

    New member and build 1994 gt quad light

    Loving the build keep the pics coming.
  3. BoostJunkie

    What car are you driving?

    Believe me i'd prefer a GT or Glanza but however there is no denying civics dohc (turbo'd) can put out more power than the little 1.3 4efte or 1.5 5efte for that matter is a fact but with that said as everyone knows the problem with hondas is there lack of torque can build a 600hp turbo b series...
  4. BoostJunkie

    Starlet TV Commercials

    Agreed Lol, the GT in the ad I swear I can see it has the lacquer peel already on the roof lol I soo miss my mk1, and right at the end the GT is the last car in the advert then the next shot 4wd pops up if only they did a 4wd GT from the factory.
  5. BoostJunkie

    What car are you driving?

    That's an eg coupe and it's the d16z6 Vtec sohc I do like it, I was toying with the idea of a sohc turbo build in the hatch mine is the d16y7, I have an eBay turbo (need to get it balanced) so I might do it as a tester for mapping as I've never mapped before that way if it does die fuck it lol...
  6. BoostJunkie

    What car are you driving?

    will get some pics this weekend but i tell you its a "murican" piece of shit i aint even gonna wash it for pics lol, as for the Honda yes its a coupe i do have a 97 ek hatch as well, over here its an "EJ" its a little rougher but my actual plan was to pull out the b series and put it in the...
  7. BoostJunkie

    New Supra might be a Gazoo Racing model

    Hmm i dont know need to see some more pics, cant get a true tell of the headlights as all you can see is the actual lights and not the cluster, definetly excited to see a new supra though i'm sure the final product will be nice.
  8. BoostJunkie

    Hello from Canada - Newly running EP82 4E-FTE here

    good to see someone from Alberta here i'm in Lethbridge whereabouts are you ?
  9. BoostJunkie

    What car are you driving?

    well at the moment i only have my Daily on the road and being in Canada i am driving a "murican" piece of shit Chrysler Concorde it really is nothing special if folk want pics will get some, but i do have a Toy in the Garage that i really need to get working on but as always lack of funds, and...
  10. BoostJunkie

    TGTT Forum Upgrade

    Glad to see it back up and running i thought this was gone for good there had been trying to get on for a while was just getting the pic of a gt's rear, and was a little depressing thinking it was gone so i'm very glad to see much needed improvements are getting done.:):)
  11. BoostJunkie

    After longg time... this forum still alive??

    Idrees is still active he owns and runs idworkz, parts supplies for starlets and not looked in a while but think he sells parts for other makes and models also, and think he's on the UKSC rip off site, someone else who is active on that site maybe can confirm that.
  12. BoostJunkie

    After longg time... this forum still alive??

    Its sad to see the forums going the way they are i was on here & UKSC numerous times Daily, one of the things i find with forums especially over here in North America is new people come onto the site and ask the usual Questions then are met by the uber pricks ready to fire them down with the use...
  13. BoostJunkie

    What do the Americans class our starlets when looking for parts

    the 4efe was sold in the corollas for definite in Canada i dont know 100% in the U.S
  14. BoostJunkie

    What is your garage like? here is mine!

    Nice setups i see here will get pics of mine soon, Jay i was sure you built a brand new 2 floor garage with a lift in it ?
  15. BoostJunkie

    Forged Mk 1 GT Turbo

    This is now sold guys.
  16. BoostJunkie

    Forged Mk 1 GT Turbo

    Totally agree when you think about it the uk is a tiny island really i'm in alberta canada and the whole of the uk could fit in alberta and its nothing travelling the length of it, i mean the in laws used to live in b.c (British Columbia) and the father in law thought nothing in travelling 2...
  17. BoostJunkie

    Forged Mk 1 GT Turbo

  18. BoostJunkie

    Forged Mk 1 GT Turbo

  19. BoostJunkie

    Forged Mk 1 GT Turbo

    bump, come on guys open to offers try me ;)
  20. BoostJunkie

    Forged Mk 1 GT Turbo