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    Big Spec Ep Please

    I'm on the lookout for a big spec ep hoping to buy in next few weeks if everything goes to plan :) Let me know what you have got people. Pics and spec would be great too Thanks Baz
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    Last few bits left from my old glanza

    For sale: Oil cooler Item Condition: used but in good condition Price and price conditions: £65 Extra Info: Bought this when still had the glanza was never fitted due to breaking. Bought off a member some time ago. Pictures: Contact Details: pm on here. ring/tx 07805171468...
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    Mk6 golf forum???

    I've a 2011 mk6 golf I'm looking for a forum but can't find any in uk. Just wondering if anyone else knows of any.... I'm looking as I'm thinking of gti'in the shit out of her lol
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    Defi Gauges

    Right I'm in process of buying bits to get my new project underway :) I'm looking for some defi gauges I'm after the ones that are black when off and light up blue with White face any clues best place to buy? Cheers Baz
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    Nology ht leads??

    Has anybody heard of these leads? I've a set in red that were used on my old V I'm not sure what they are worth or if they are any good lol. Any ideas people?
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    I'm on the look out for a nice watch :) I want one with quite big dial/face anyone got any ideas? Been looking all day an can't seem to find many I like any suggestions people
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    Just got to Ireland

    Right finally in Ireland for the Irish poker open :) Never been Ireland before lovely city is Dublin!! Weather is amazing too :D I'll keep you all updated on how I'm getting on hopefully win massive can sort out another ep then! If anyone is about later on in their starlet would be...
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    Opinions please

    Looks like I'm going to have around £5k to spend on a car :) Was going to buy a certain ep but think it's gone now :( Have you boys and girls got any ideas on what car to go for? Baz
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    ### Big spec EP wanted ###

    After a big spec 82 or 91 want something over 250hp please guys and girls :) Right car cash is here waiting ;)
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    Asolutley Buzzing!!!!

    Im well in to poker have won a fair bit but lost too! ive been waiting for a big break well its just happend :) ive just won a seat in to the irish open it costs 3500E to enter i cant wait to get over there and play! anyone that plays or watches poker will know that this is the uks...
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    5e.... What can they take?

    Right hopefully at end of march I'm buying a Glanza with a 5e engine. It's currently running standard ct9 running just over 1 bar. I just curious on what sort of boost and power these 5e engines can take? I'm thinking of going maybe td04/5 in future once I've had it a bit that's is :)...
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    Big Spec! Forged 4E! 0Miles!

    For sale: Forged 4E Engine!! Item Condition: Spanking!! Price and price conditions: £2100 OVNO Extra Info: Engine stripped and thoroughly chemically cleaned. Block rebored, crosshatch honed. Forged low comp Wossner pistons, 75mm PEC forged rods. Crank reground with all new...
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    White Glanza alum rock road birmingham

    Spotted you on alum rock road. Looks really mean. Had a tm developments sticker on window. Jam spoiler and back bumper I think, with livesports fenders and carbon bonnet also think it had a cruise front bumper. Anybody?
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    Info on this gt please

    I'm looking at buying another ep hopefully. I just can't bloody stay away from these little bleeders!! Lol If....infact when I get my next ep that will be number 5 :D Looking at this gt but I'm bit worried at how cheap it is, have spoken to the lad he states it's all as he says and...
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    Absolutly over the moon!!!!!

    I'm so happy and excited :) On Friday 10th December our little girl decided to come and say hello to the big wide world!! Her names Amelia-May Taylor, weighed 8 pound 6 and is bloody beautiful :D After this massive happiness all I need now is another ep lol!!
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    FAO Dave@tmdevelopments

    Pm'd you yesterday about my engine. Need reply asap please :) Cheers Baz
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    Posting in wanted section?

    I posted a reply in a wanted thread yesterday about a forged engine but it hasn't appeared :( Is this because I'm not a paid member? Does a mod have to approve it or something? Need it to be posted as I need to sell engine now :( I'm gutted but has to be done. I'll put up a for sale thread...
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    White 98 glanza v shell please

    Well I think I'm coming back to the ep scene yet again :) I'm looking for the above please. No silly prices people remember it's just a rolling shell not a full car :D thanks baz
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    Sexy White glanza birmingham

    I was just driving home from work and seen this glanza with carbon everywhere :rockon: I seen it by the hunters moon pub parked on a drive on the long road towards stechford cant remember the name of road :( anyones?
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    Not Toyota but help please

    Right hopefully my bmw 320 d msport is going Tuesday and I'm getting an audi a3 sportback in red :) I've been searching for hours and just can't decide on a set if wheels for it :( any ideas boys and girls Thanks