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    Spark Trigger Question

    My 4efe DIS has the two coils to side of the engine fitted exactly where the distributor would be on the normal 4e. What I would like to know is, what trigger does it use to fire the coils? The camshaft sensor or the crankshaft sensor(vr sensor)? I've seen 5efe DIS that have the coils on top the...
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    Megasquirt FAQ

    ok perfect, thank you very much. I will hopefully have a megasquirt project post soon.
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    4efe EP91 Auto ECU pin out

    do you have the 3 connection ecu pinout?
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    4efe EP91 Auto ECU pin out

    anyone gotten ahold of this pinout as yet?
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    5efe DIS head on my 4efte???

    This seems like the place to ask this question. I have a 4efe dis in my car, want to swap in a 5efe (w/ distributor). What will I need to get from my 4efe dis in order to work with the standard ecu?
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    Megasquirt FAQ

    Well basically all I want to know is what will I need to run my DIS system. It has 2 coil packs by the way.
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    Megasquirt FAQ

    I love this thread, I've been thinking of running megasquirt in my ep91 for a while. I have a couple questions, my car came n/a and I am about to swap out the 4efe for a 5efe on boost. My 4efe has the DIS, what exactly will I need in order to run this setup?
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    ihi turbos

    where does thew vf17 stand?
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    WEPR Product/Price list --31/10/08

    i wanted to know if I can get a td04 without buy the entire kit, just those components,whats the price of the td04?
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    WEPR Product/Price list --31/10/08

    I would like a td04, the manifold(mild steel) and the down pipe. How much is that?
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    ep70/ep82 shocks springs...

    Becareful with bolts, that hold the shocks to the hubs, ones from ep82 are usually 19mm and the ones for the ep70 are 17mm. Therefore if u use the 17mm bolts it will give you some messed up camber(trust me i know). However the 19mm bolts cant fit through the ep70 hubs so u may have to change the...