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    Ep82 Engine Bay Fusebox wanted!

    Hi, im after the fusebox for a 1995 EP82
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    Ep82 fusebox + clip type wipers arms

    Need a fusebox for ep82. And if anyone has any clip type wiper arms
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    Few parts needed EP82

    Gt driver seat window motors and mechanisms both sides side view mirrors in white both sides driver side front wing in white
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    White EP82 Driver Side Wing

    after a clean, driver side wing for a gt in 040 super white,
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    Few bits and bobz wanted for an ep82

    PM me with prices for any of the following white driver side wing white driver side mirror steering wheel front seats horn little plastic clips that shelf clips into rear fog light after market ecu window motors T25 manifold White Tomz Bumper (or other colour if cheap :P)
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    ep82 front wing

    im after a ep82 front driver side wing in white if anyone has one, let me know
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    ep82 colour

    is the mk 1, 2 and 3 standard white the same white? can you interchange body panels etc?
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    White front bumper

    for a quad GT. let me know if you have any front bumpers in GT white. can collect if within reasonable distance of manchester
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    anyone got a contact number for this member, if so PM me please, im trying to get hold of him regarding a part im interested in, but he hasnt been on here for a month. and not responded to his email and im in a bit of a rush :P
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    will the indicators from a non quad GT fit a quad GT?
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    White GT Driver Side Wing, indicator, Quadlamp, Front Bumper

    if anyone has any of the following parts for a white Quad GT PM me driver side wing driver side indicator quad headlights black or white front bumper
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    EP82 Standard Seats

    hi was wondering if anyone could help, im thinking of buying stock GT seats, but would need to arrange a courier pick up for them, would anybody happen to know the approximate weight and dimensions of the seats? also would a courier service pick up seats as they are or would they need to...
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    Meshed Turbo?!

    ok so new car, new problems :S basically turbo has no filter on it, due to lack of space, now previous owner decided to mesh it instead, below is an image i am pretty sure that mesh is nowhere near fine enough...i was thinking of somehow trying to create my own custom filter, using silicone...
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    Boost Setup Confusion :S

    Hi, I Have two GT's my first one with a CT9 Setup, with mods such as FMIC and Dump valve, and a recently purchased GT with a GT25R setup, with a FMIC but no Dump Valve, the confusion im having is very simple, the hoses seem to be setup differently for both, above is the setup on my CT9, as...
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    GT25R Turbo :P

    iv recently purchased a GT, it has the GT25R Turbo fitted in, my question is when should this turbo start kicking in, as it seems to be kicking in really late close to 4K revs, is this normal? or should it be earlier? secondly the previous owner seems to have left little to no room for any air...
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    Quick Valuation

    Just wanted to know what valuation everyone would give an absolutely factory standard Auto Glanza V 1996, 80K mileage, tidy, but not mint, few dints here and there, nothing too worrying tho, as hardly noticable, being offered one in a p/x, was just trying to figure out how much in terms of value...
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    Small Black Box Found Under Driver Side Seat

    I've found a black box under the driver seat whilst cleaning, cant figure out what it is, iv uploaded some pics any clues??
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    Megasquirt Built ECU

    My brother has a MegaSquirt that was professionally built, new never been used it is the 2.2 version, he has given it me, as never got round to using it, i was wondering, could i use this on my gt turbo? i dont have any knowledge on these, and there is no connectors or anything with it, if it is...
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    Grinding Sound!!

    Hey I Have A Grinding Sound When Driving And It Only Dissapears When I Turn Left, What Could This Be?? Friends Have Suggested Bent Discs, Cv Joint, Or Bearings Any Of These A Possibilty??
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    Front Hub Needed

    Hi Ive Damaged The Bolts In My Hub, And Was Thinking Of Getting A New Hub, Which Cars In Uk Have Direct Replacemnet For A EP82 1994 Quadlamp?