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  1. clarkytrd

    Any Pug 106 GTi Owners?

    Any 106 GTi owners here?? One or two small problems with mine that you might be able to help me with. - Dodgy idle (ICV?? Cleaned, improved but still not 100%) - Battery Draining (Ignition OFF, noise coming from Throttle Body area?!) - Moisture on all of rear & both sides of roof lining...
  2. clarkytrd

    End of an era, I am breaking my Starlet!!!

    Well guys, The time has come for me to say goodbye to my Starlet project, I never got to finish it unfortunately but I have totally lost interest, spent way too much and got nowhere with it. I had great times with the car before the project started but I have finally given up! Everyone on here...
  3. clarkytrd

    New Forged 4EFTE Engine

    For Sale: New Forged 4EFTE Engine Item Condition: New, been fitted and ran a few times, still needs running in. Price: €1800 NO OFFERS Extra Info: Putting standard engine back into car as I have no use for a forged engine anymore, engine was built by Martin Treacy @ Westward...
  4. clarkytrd

    Tempted to sell the new Forged 4E...

    Plans have changed and I just can't be bothered running big power anymore.. I have sold my WEPR TD04 kit and still haven't even ran in the New Forged 4E Engine. It's been sitting in the car for a few months now and I start it up every few days and drive it around the yard, so I can't see the...
  5. clarkytrd

    Varis Style Rear Bumper EP91 (205 Black)

    For Sale: Varis Style Rear Bumper Item Condition: Used but great condition (205 Black) Price: €120 Euro Extra Info: Bought and test fitted it to my Starlet, have since sourced one in same colour as my car. Painted in 205 BLACK. Fits 99%, one side sits out a slight bit due to bolt hole...
  6. clarkytrd

    JPerformance FMIC users, EP91 - Bumper not fitting!

    Hi folks, Anyone using a JPerformance FMIC kit have any problems fitting a 98 spec front bumper? (EP91 Glanza - 98 spec) My FMIC is not allowing the bumper to sit anyway close at all without having to cut half the front off..!! Here is a picture of the kit fitted, no room to push the core...
  7. clarkytrd

    98 Spec Front & Rear Bumpers Needed

    Looking to finish my build off, I need a front & rear bumper. 98 Spec Front & Rear w/optional Lips OR Varis Front & Rear Need to be MINT & painted in 040 White. Delivery to Ireland or I Can Collect. What have you got?? Cheers
  8. clarkytrd

    Blitz SBC I-D Boost Controller

    For Sale: Blitz SBC I-D Boost Controller Item Condition: Mint, only test fitted on my car. Price: €275 Euro Extra Info: Dual Solenoid. I Hate having to sell this but I'm not going TD04 anymore so its not needed. Comes with everything needed to install except vacuum pipes (solenoid -...
  9. clarkytrd

    *Brand New WEPR External Wastegate TD04 Kit*

    For Sale: WEPR External Wastegate Mild Steel TD04 Kit Item Condition: Brand New Price: €600 NO OFFERS Extra Info: Hate to sell this but I need to sort my new engine out and need the funds for that. This kit is brand new, only ever been test fitted. Turbo itself has covered 15k km's and...
  10. clarkytrd

    Forged Engine Rattle? Video, take a look!

    Ok folks, I got my new engine up and running. Still needs the timing set on it but it started on the first turn of the key and I've drove it around my yard a few times and it seems ok. Has a slight rattle which I think could just be the forged internals!? Cheers :) John
  11. clarkytrd

    Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar

    For Sale: Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar Price: €150 Euro Item Condition: Near new, used on a friends car for a while. Extra Info: Dont wanna sell it but I need to fund something else :). Test fitted on my own car in picture below, comes with all , nuts, bolts, bushes, everything needed to fit...
  12. clarkytrd

    New Forged Engine Starting, No Oil Pressure??

    Hi folks, I started my new engine today, I had cranked it a few times before starting it (efi fuse removed, king lead removed and injector harness removed.) started on the first turn of the key and ran lovely for a few seconds, but noticed my oil pressure gauge with a full reading and never...
  13. clarkytrd

    Engine Mount Bolt Needed ASAP!

    Engine Mount Bolt & Exhaust Manifold Stud Needed Hi Folks, I need an engine mount bolt, its the one nearest the alternator looking down from the top of the timing belt side. Also need an Exhaust Manifold Stud and a full set of nuts too. Need these as soon as.. Cheers, John
  14. clarkytrd

    Torque Specs Needed

    Need the torque settings for the following please: 1. Rear Disk - Axle Nuts 2. C.V Joints - Hub Nuts 3. Crank Pulley (Does this need to be tightened with an air gun or is there anyway of locking it up and torquing it?) Thanks for the help, John
  15. clarkytrd

    98 Spec Rear Bumper & Optional Lip

    Need the above please, in 040 White preferably. Anyone got one for sale? Thanks, John
  16. clarkytrd

    x2 Driveshaft Snap Rings

    Looking for x2 driveshaft snap rings. The ones on the end of each shaft that the cv joint go over! Toyota dont do them, only the whole shaft :mad: Need them a.s.a.p. Thanks John
  17. clarkytrd

    Lost My Car Keys!!! What to do???

    Somehow managed to lose my keys to my Glanza, Thought I threw them on my bed but cant find them anywhere and I'm going mad lol. Any idea where do I go from here as I cant get into the car..!! :mad:
  18. clarkytrd

    38mm External Wastegate

    For Sale: 38mm External Wastegate Item Condition: Brand New, only test fitted to car. Price and Price Conditions: €120 Extra Info: Unsure of make but it's similar to a Tial, and has the same dimensions of the Tial models. Bought from DemonMotorsport in the UK. Comes with a 0.8 Bar spring...
  19. clarkytrd

    CT9 Oil Return Pipe & Water Lines ASAP

    Need the above, as soon as possible! Thanks, John
  20. clarkytrd

    Ignition Problem

    Hi Folks, Threw a battery into the car today for the first time in 18 months lol, now I am not getting any ignition lights. - Wipers wont work, fuse blew when turned on - Indicators are clicking faster than normal - NO lights from dials at all - Hazards Work OK - Headlights Work OK...